| Site by Unleashed Technologies, Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Accessibility. Zeid said that while he opposed the 2016 Turkish coup d'état attempt, the wide-ranging purges showed a "thirst for revenge" that was alarming. An expert in the field of international justice, Zeid was a central figure in the establishment of the International Criminal Court (ICC), chairing the complex negotiations to establish the exact terms of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. [13], On 6 June 2014, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon proposed that Zeid replace Navi Pillay as the United Nations' human rights chief based in Geneva. From 2007 to 2010 he was Jordan's Ambassador to the United States of America, then in 2010 returned to the UN as Jordan's Permanent Representative. Whether you are looking for the latest news or job updates or simply want to keep a finger on the pulse of the international education community, NAFSA has a number of easy ways to stay updated—all in your preferred social media platform. A career diplomat, he served as Jordan's Permanent Representative to the United Nations from 2000 until 2007, when he was appointed as Jordan's Ambassador to the United States and non-resident Ambassador to Mexico. Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein of Jordan is the former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. He called on the international community to combat the spread of the movement in Iraq and Syria, asking, "[Do] they believe they (ISIS) are acting courageously, barbarically slaughtering captives?" Known for his outspoken criticism of the fascism, religious radicalism, and threats to civil liberties growing in countries around the world, Zeid was a powerful advocate for human rights and open societies. Since these statements concern domestic policy issues of UN member-states, frequent arguments against criticism is that the censure of individual states are close to impinging on state sovereignty. Jordan's leader is not elected unlike our president. Zeid Ra'ad Zeid Al Hussein (Arabic: زيد ابن رعد الحسین‎; born 26 January 1964) is the Perry World House[1] Professor of the Practice of Law and Human Rights at the University of Pennsylvania. During his two-year tenure, he issued a report on eliminating such abuse from all peacekeeping operations, which became known as the 'Zeid Report'. Follow us on TwitterLike us on FacebookConnect with us on LinkedIn, NAFSA: Association of International Educators, Copyright 1998-2020. "[16], On 8 September 2014, in his maiden speech to the UN's 47-member Human Rights Council at the body's 27th session in Geneva, Zeid strongly criticized the so-called Islamic State group, saying it was trying to create a "house of blood". From 1996 to 2000, he served as Jord… In August 2000 he was appointed Permanent Representative at the United Nations, serving until 2007. He then spent two years as a political officer in UNPROFOR, the UN force in the former Yugoslavia. His report implied that the Saudi-led military coalition may be guilty of war crimes. In June 2016, he opined on the United Kingdom's referendum vote on whether to leave the European Union, the so-called Brexit process. His principled approach to his role became most evident when he announced that he wouldn’t seek a second term due to the trying task of dealing with governments and the limited power of the U.N. security council. Biography. A veteran multilateral diplomat, Zeid was previously Jordan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York, a post he held from September 2010 until July 2014, and which he also held from 2000 to 2007. He recently pledged to be an International Gender Champion, committed to advancing gender equality in the office of Human Rights. The nomination, which was subsequently approved by the 193-nation U.N. General Assembly, made him the first Muslim to lead the UN Human Rights Office. Zeid has been active on many legal issues, including international law, post-conflict peace-building, international development, counter-nuclear terrorism, and women’s development. He also chaired the search committee for the selection of the second prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in 2011. From 16 September 2010 to 7 March 2012, Zeid was the Chairman of the Country-Specific Configuration of the UN Peace Building Commission for Liberia. Zeid bin Hussein (en arabe : الأمير زيد بن الحسين ; né le 28 février 1898 et mort le 18 octobre 1970) est un prince irakien membre de la dynastie hachémite et chef de la maison royale d'Irak et de Syrie de 1958 jusqu'à sa mort, après l'extinction de la lignée royale fondée par son frère Fayçal I er d'Irak [34] Calling Nigel Farage and Donald Trump "demagogues", the Commissioner published attacks on the right-wing politicians in OHCHR's website. In 2019, he joined The Elders, an independent group of global leaders working together for peace, justice, and human rights. Butler. Following allegations of widespread abuse being committed by U.N. peacekeepers, Zeid was appointed by Kofi Annan as Advisor to the Secretary-General on Sexual Exploitation and Abuse. The massacres, beheadings, rape and torture "reveal only what a Takfiri (i.e. NAFSA. He criticized a number of heads of state, government. Zeid is the son of Prince Ra'ad bin Zeid, Lord Chamberlain of Jordan. [11], He delivered the Grotius Lecture at the 102nd Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law in April 2008, entitled For Love of Country and International Criminal Law. Prince Zeid bin Hussein, GCVO, GBE (Arabic: الأمير زيد بن الحسين ‎; February 28, 1898 – October 18, 1970) was an Iraqi prince who was a member of the Hashemite dynasty and the head of the Royal House of Iraq from 1958 until his death, after the royal line founded by his brother Faisal I of Iraq died out.. [42], Zeid is the son of Prince Ra'ad bin Zeid, Lord Chamberlain of Jordan.

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