doi: … These concerns range from the use of gene therapy to create “designer babies” to determining whether the benefits outweigh the costs. The effects of somatic gene therapy will not pass onto the patient’s offspring. The general ideas of germline gene therapy … Even though new therapies could, in principle, be used to correct the specific somatic cells of a newborn or a child and ameliorate the condition, some congenital or early‐onset diseases would affect a subject severely before any therapy … The effects of germline gene therapy … It is a technique that is still in its experimental stages, but has shown some promising results for some individuals. Moreover, there is the question of informed consent, because those impacted by germ-line gene therapy … Because germline gene therapy involves making changes to the body’s set of basic instructions, it raises many unique ethical concerns. Politics and the life sciences. This approach, called germ-line gene therapy, could potentially be used to combat heritable diseases, but it could also lead to unintended consequences for future generations. The journal of the Association for Politics and the Life Sciences 13 (1), 39–49. B) Germline Gene Therapy: In this type of gene therapy, a section of DNA of an egg or sperm cell is transferred to another reproductive cell. Gene therapy is the process of transplanting genes that have developed normally in place of genes that may be missing or have developed abnormally to correct a genetic disorder. National and international approaches to human germ-line gene therapy. However, somatic gene therapy would not be an efficient alternative to GGE in all cases.

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