Woodpeckers and owls are great examples of birds that require differently placed nest boxes for them to be attracted. Birdhouses should be mounted 10-20 feet high to attract woodpeckers, and entrance holes should be appropriately sized for the woodpecker … It has a 6" by 6" floor, 14" inside ceiling, 2 1/2" diameter entrance hole located 11" above the floor. Although woodpeckers prefer natural cavities they are also known to nest in nest boxes. A flicker nesting box, which is larger all round, with a base about seven inches square and an entrance hole of 2-1/2″, can be placed from six to 22 feet high. Common Flickers nest in open areas and open park-like areas, while Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers prefer open deciduous forests. Woodpecker nest boxes should be placed 6-20 feet above the ground, though Hairy Woodpeckers prefer nest sites 12 feet or more above the ground. The Redheaded Woodpecker Mating Habits The Red-headed woodpecker is a solitary creature most of the time except during breeding season when it mates and raises young. A nesting box for a Downy Woodpecker should be mounted from six to twenty feet above the ground; for a Hairy Woodpecker, twelve to twenty feet high. Wood stock is rough-cut on both sides so birds can grip interior and exterior surfaces. Nest boxes should be mounted out of reach, about 8 feet or higher, on trees found in a clearing or on woodland edges. Red-headed woodpeckers are nearly endangered and the… If you do not have trees that are suitable for cavity excavation then consider putting up a nesting box. For these birds you will need to site the nest box between 3-5m off the ground, ideally against a tree with the larger surface facing the tree. The nest box for the Red-bellied Woodpecker is constructed with Red Cedar. The main difference is the height of the box. The recommended dimensions for a downy woodpecker nest box are: 4” x 4” (floor), 9” (distance from floor to ceiling), ¼ “ (entrance hole diameter), 7” (distance from floor to the top of the entrance hole). The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has a downloadable plan for constructing a nesting box suitable for pileated woodpeckers.. Nesting Sites: Most woodpeckers are cavity-nesting species that will appreciate a thoughtful birdhouse or natural cavity in a dead tree. Red-Headed Woodpecker Nesting Box: This nesting box is an eco friendly, easy-to-make, and useful item that will prevent red-headed woodpeckers from pecking at your siding while providing them a home for their eggs at the same time.

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