1/10 SILVER FILLED. Let’s review the challenges (and solutions!) I cover the whole piece of the jewelry, including both stone and wire. Again making sure to do this at the back of the pendant, bend the wire up and look for a place it can go. Check out our free online jewelry videos and Wire Wrap Jewelry Patterns! You can use this fastening type with differently shaped stones. Learn exactly the tips & techniques you need to take your wirework to the next level! Step 8: Going Back Up. ROUND WIRE; SQUARE WIRE… To secure the wire, what I have found to be the sturdiest way is to let the wire go back to the top of the pendant. In order to prevent this process, we should apply varnish on the wire. ROUND WIRE; HALF ROUND WIRE; SQUARE WIRE; STERLING SILVER. Thank you for your very easy to follow directions on wire wrapping stones.For many moons I have wanted to make wire wrapped jewellery and bought wire,cutters etc… but always found any tutorials confusing and frustrating to understand.As I am a crafts person who has not found a craft not worthy of a try at least, when I came across your site I was very excited as I am a visual learner too. Photos via Gayle Bird. Keep wrapping the wire around the stone a few more times to secure it at this height as well. I simply dip it in the varnish. You can wrap up your old jewelry pieces to restyle them or make absolutely new ones with the beads and stones. Jewelry Making Supplies and Wire Wrapped Jewelry Supplies - We carry a complete line of jewelry making tools, wire wrapping supplies, jewelry wire, cabochons and much more! you’ll face when wire-wrapping small stones. Wire wrapping is one of the oldest and fascinating techniques which when implemented on jewelry would give them a unique look. If you have learned the technique of wire wrapping then here are some magnificent DIYs for you to make some enticing pendants of varied shapes and designs with the stones you have at hand. Make sure you have the right wire cutting, molding wrapping tools with you to get the most quirky types of ear rings, pendants, neck laces and the bracelets for your wardrobe. Many wire-wrap artists follow a very orderly method for wrapping a gemstone which involves taking several pieces of wire, wrapping them together into a single, wide band using a smaller gauge wire, and then looping that wide band around a gemstone. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. The natural copper wire gets dark over time. But wire wrapping SMALL stones has its own set of challenges and adjustments to make. HOME; My Cart: 0 Items ($0.00) WIRE. I used wire which thickness is 1 mm and 0,4 mm. Master Designer Wire-Wrapping Techinques! Through wire wrapping, you can also secure beads to a form, or even attach non bead items such as wire wrapping rhinestone cup chain onto a bangle. When wrapped, curved, bent and manipulated, the wire itself can become the structure and foundation of your piece or act as a design detail.

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