Add to cart. ... Sennheiser e835S Dynamic Cardioid Live Vocal Microphone w/ Switch. $119 In Stock . Sing the world a new song by setting the Sennheiser e835 dynamic cardioid live vocal microphone in front of your lips. ... $34.35 List Price: $49.95 You Save 31%. The frequency response is tailored for close miking (proximity effect). Add to cart. Sennheiser has done away with the extra frills and instead focused on giving the E835 a sleek and tastefully simple body that still packs a punch in the audio department. I say this because I personally own a Sennheiser E835 and a Shure SM7B. Brand: Sennheiser Model: e835 The e835 has a shockmounted capsule, a uniform on- and off- axis response, and a hum compensating coil. Here is the deal. Our Price. Using the windshield Place the MZW 4032 (optional accessories) windshield over the microphone head. Microphone Specifications. Only hold the radio microphone by its body. Sennheiser designed this microphone for high output and daily use, which makes it perfect for touring, audio rental companies and professional vocalists who need reliable audio equipment all year long. e 835/e 835 S | 4/8 Operation Operation Holding the microphone If you cover the microphone head during transmission, this will change the pick-up pattern of the microphone and consequently the sound. The Sennheiser E835 is carefully and thoughtfully designed to deliver the best performance for the best value. The Sennheiser Evolution E835 is a professional dynamic cardioid microphone designed for speech and vocal applications. The situation with Sennheiser’s E835 is not much different; it’s made of almost exactly the same materials, which provide it with almost the same level of durability. Our Price. Our Price. ... $8.70 List Price: $8.97. The windscreen also excels in this particular field of performance, which is the reason why many live performers lean on it as their go-to instrument. Focusrite ISA 430 MKII Classic Channel Strip w/ Mic Preamp, Dynamics & Filtering. With a clear solid sound that cuts through high volumes which makes it ideal for live performances and use on stage. Sennheiser e835 Dynamic Cardioid Live Vocal Microphone. No muffled, mids-centric sound but tight low mids and present treble. Weight: 330 Length: 180 Min Diameter: 0 Max Diameter: 48 Sharing Options. SEN-E835 . Expected to ship out in 8-10 business days. Here's the trick. DBX 286s Microphone Pre-Amp & Channel Strip Processor . It is also available in an /s version with silent (lockable) on/off switch. $339 Accepting Orders . Comparatively speaking, by itself the E835 is at times sibilant and the plosives it will pick up, take away from and somewhat distort the beauty of its inate extra hotness and otherwise great sounding presence. $97 inc GST. Not plastic, metal. Add to Cart Sennheiser MZW 41 Gray Foam Windscreen for MKH20, MKH30, MKH40 and MKH50. In Stock. Gray foam windscreen for MKH20, MKH30, MKH40 and MKH50 microphones. I have gruelingly compared them side by side. The Sennheiser MZW 441 foam windscreen is made to fit the MD 441 microphone.

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