The brightness options is grayed out and I cant adjust it. Hi, Im having an issue after Ive cleaned install Windows 10 and upgrade it to build 1511. I configured all the settings of Biometrics and Windows Hello for business through group policy and didn't solve the issue, also I added one required registry key ( DWord key with value 2 ) and still the same. Using Win 10 Pro 64-bit. Hi – I found the chagne settings was not there too. Hi, After joining windows 10 1709 machine to domain, I'm unable to configure windows hello because it's grayed out. Double-click Shutdown the system. Navigate to Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > User Rights Assignment. in which case your orginal post is now moot. You can try right clicking on a setting or link and seeing if there is a RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR option, but more than likely not having a shield would indicate that you have User Account Control (UAC enables Windows to run a specific task as an administrator) disabled. 7. If you are trying to adjust your Windows 10 Power Settings and find they are greyed out, there is a simple fix. Solution 2. However, scroll down further to Show additional plans – and voila there is the high performance button. Click the CHANGE SETTINGS THAT ARE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE link near the top of POWER OPTIONS > ADVANCED SETTINGS window. Visual C++ Runtime Installer (All-In-One), How to Fix Windows Upgrade Error 0XC1900404, How to Fix Windows Upgrade Error 0XC1900405, Windows 10 Changes Your Default Web Browser, How to Backup and Restore Sticky Notes in Windows, How to Enable Camera On or Off Notifications, How to Turn Facebook Top Fan Badges on or off, How to Customize Notifications and Feed Preferences for Facebook Fan Pages, How to Fix Power Options Missing or Grayed Out, Hard to fix Windows Problems? Click the CHANGE SETTINGS THAT ARE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE link near the top of POWER OPTIONS > ADVANCED SETTINGS window. windows 10 power options greyed out, Windows Update Options Greyed Out Feb 24, 2016. In this article, we're going to look at two similar problems with Windows Power Options. Click the Change settings that are currently unavailable option. The Power Options dialog box appears. You can't handle the Geek! The little Shield and the Option mentioned does not appear on my “Advanced Settings” Screen. Option for resolution greyed out. Grant your domain users with that permission. If you are trying to adjust your Windows 10 Power Settings and find they are greyed out, there is a simple fix. Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options Click the Choose what the power buttons do option on the left. Enable the Hibernate option and it will start appearing in the Power button menu in the Start Menu. The brightness options is grayed out and I cant adjust it. The second issue we will look at is "There are currently no power options available" message in the Start Menu. SOLVED: Microsoft Lists vs ToDo vs Planner vs Project Whats the Difference? CHANGE SETTINGS THAT ARE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE, SOLVED: Samsung Android Calls Going Straight to VoiceMail. Is there a way of turning it on? Ive tried reinstalling drivers and restarting my laptop and it wont work. Also, I just checked my recently upgraded build of Windows 10 (14986) and found that the entire CHANGE SETTINGS THAT ARE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE link has been removed. One is where Power Options can sometimes be overridden and grayed on multiple operating systems. Use the share button in most apps like Edge or myTube to launch the share menu. The shield is Microsoft’s way of indicating that an Administrator has to make changes to the setting in question. Verify the Microsoft AC Adapter and Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Batterydevices are displayed. Open the Registry Editor and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer. 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