Here’s what the tubs look like when the sweet potatoes are growing. Email Save Comment 29. I would like to plant them in a container. First, the sweet potato foliage will spread far beyond the container. wantobe. Once the vines and leaves begin to yellow with the approach of cooler weather, it’s time to harvest. If you have a shorter growing season, your potatoes may be smaller in size, but will still have the same wonderful taste as larger spuds. When your sweet potatoes are ready to harvest, you simply lift the bag and dump the contents into a wheelbarrow making the harvest extremely easy. The beauty of growing potatoes in containers though is that you can harvest tem exactly when you need them and pop them straight into boiling water for the tastiest New Potatoes ever. If you have a greenhouse, you can grow sweet potatoes there in a container or garden bed. The same applies to maincrop potatoes. Marie E - The general rule surrounding harvesting of first early potatoes is to check the compost for potatoes once the first flowers appear, but the only real test is to feel for the potatoes. A few other things are worth mentioning. It's up to you to balance the taste against the size of the potato. 15 years ago. This means you need to plan ahead and start your sweet potato slips about two months before you intend to plant them in the garden. The Grow Bags are reusable and can be stored away for the next season. You’ll want to leave them in the pots as long as possible for maximum size. The slips typically emerge in a few weeks, but it may take as long as two months. Please can anyone give me pointers on container,soil, etc. sweet potatoes in containers. You can also use other containers such as whiskey barrels or clay containers; just make sure they are wide and deep with adequate aeration and drainage. Storing sweet potatoes. 15 years ago. I have no garden space for them. You can use this for amazing landscaping effect – sweet potatoes vines and flowers are beautiful (and the leaves are edible!). Follow. A few days ago they arrived. You can’t harvest tubers in this manner, however. Second earlies can be harvested when quite young, following flowering, or left to grow on all summer long to produce larger potatoes for storing. Most sweet potatoes need about 100 to 120 days to develop tubers. However, it is important to harvest your sweet potatoes prior to any frost or freeze. Fill the container so the potting mix covers the bottom half of the sweet potato. Tip the container out onto a tarp or patio and remove the tubers. Place your jars or containers of sweet potatoes in a bright, warm spot and wait. Comments (29) Ina Plassa_travis. Hello , I ordered sweet potatoe plants the first of the year,and forgot about it. The smallest new potatoes are the tastiest but at the same time they are the least productive. Sweet potatoes can be used soon after harvesting, but they will store well for several months if the skins are cured properly. It’s easy to grow a sweet potato vine indoors in the same way you would grow an Irish potato in water, Place toothpicks into the sides of the sweet potato, put in a container of water and place in a sunny window. Lay them out in the sun for a few hours immediately after harvesting and then move them to a warm, humid place for 10 days - a greenhouse is ideal.

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