I’m not typically overconfident in any area of life, but I will say, I make a mean snack, and I’ve become quite well-versed at hosting parties over the years. Cream Cheese + Raspberries + Honey- For a sweet option, I love combining lemony cream cheese … Shrimp with Greek Spinach Topping on RITZ® Crackers. Place a small spoonful of pie filling on each. These would go down well at a BBQ or Dinner party. Spread on crackers, top with a slice of jalapeno. For Teddy’s snack, I went even simpler and topped each cracker with a bit of almond butter. Holiday Movie Night Peanut Butter + Pretzel. Easy Snacks with RITZ Crackers is a conversation written by me and sponsored by POPSUGAR and RITZ Crackers. Jalapeño Popper Topper: 36 RITZ Crackers 4 oz. Sprinkle with salt, if using. Love that your brought Teddy into the festivities , Your email address will not be published. Having a small, intimate Thanksgiving dinner? We are big on snacks in our family, and like a lot of people our age, we practically grew up on RITZ Crackers. Snow Day Celebration Marshmallow + Chocolate + Pretzel. From there, it couldn’t be simpler: the cream cheese mixture is spread onto the crackers and each one is topped with a tiny piece of salmon and then sprinkled with a little bit of extra dill and chive – literally the easiest snack on the planet. Holiday Party Ham + Cheese + Cranberry. Required fields are marked *. A shrimp scrumptious appetizer to serve your guests. Cut off cheeks and thinly slice each cheek. Your email address will not be published. Crumble Ritz crackers on top of the casserole, making sure not to leave any cheese exposed and to cover all the edges. 4 – Make it Yourself: >> CLICK HERE << Tuen your snack crackers into a mini pizza of sorts. I happen to be hosting a happy hour at my house tonight, so I thought it would be fun to set up a little happy hour for Teddy before the girls showed up. For a little sweetness, I drizzled a touch of honey over the top of each one and then let Teddy go to town, and as you can see, he definitely went to town. Not surprisingly, our son has become equally infatuated with the buttery flavored cracker, so it’s definitely something we tend to keep on hand. Ritz crackers are the perfect size to make adorable mini ice cream sandwiches. Grace Nguyen Step 7. Meats, cheeses, sauces, herbs, nut butters, chopped or sliced vegetables, and even some kinds of fruit can be combined to create delicious savory toppings. Again, you can just use what you have on hand, but if you have it, sunflower butter would also be lovely, and obviously, you can’t go wrong with classic peanut butter. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. While we love to eat them plain, for a get-together it’s nice to elevate things a bit while keeping things simple at the same time – and the options are endless with these guys. Mini RITZ Burger Bites. Pour the required amount of milk evenly over the entirety of the casserole to keep it moist while it bakes. They are fabulous for parties, and don’t… For me (and for the girls later), I whipped up a supereasy take on bagel and lox by mixing some softened cream cheese with a ton of fresh herbs. Your email address will not be published. BEST Creamy Dreamy Mashed Potatoes Recipe, Say hello to Cranberry and Turkey Melts with Bruss, Last minute salad alert!!! Whatever the party, we’ve got the pleaser. Raisins + Chocolate Candy. Be sure to check out RITZ Crackers for more easy snack ideas! Gift Wrap Party Chocolate + Candy Cane. The combination of the two has resulted in me throwing some type of gathering on a weekly basis, typically a play date with my son and some of his baby “friends” (if you can call them friends at 15 months old) or a casual happy hour with a few of my girlfriends.

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