I heard that you cannot just stop taking cholesterol meds as it can result in higher risk of stroke/blockage. Side effects of … A new study tracked how they did. What happens if you miss a dose of your cholesterol medication? Statins in particular can help lower cholesterol up to 60%, but their effects will go away a couple of months after you stop taking … Some patients decide to stop taking statins, a cholesterol-lowering drug, if they experience side effects. Is this true? Also, he asked that I stop taking PROTONIX (FYI, been taking … If you’re on a drug to lower your cholesterol, you will need to keep taking your prescription or your cholesterol will go back up. Missing your cholesterol medications may not be the right thing to do according to Dr Shah. Missing one or two … It was causing muscle pain/ache so my GI doc who prescribed it ask that I stop taking it as of today. If you make significant changes to your diet or lose a lot of weight, talk to your doctor about whether it might be possible to control your cholesterol without medication.

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