P.S. Brown, another neutral can 'elegantly' be paired with gray. It has a dark gray sofa pictured with yellow pillows. Room opens up to my kitchen which has cherry cabinets and silver, black accents. . Lighter shades of gray can be paired with both light and dark shades of … Those combination also bring a modern and warm atmosphere. Living Spaces Inspired Home. SHOP THIS COLOR. Throw pillows in a … I am having a really hard time figuring out what color to paint walls with my new gray couches. I guess it all depends on whether you like lots of color or not, and what color … Tone. Using a lighter shade of gray for wall paint color can make the couch stand out while still look flawless. Aug 2, 2014 - paint colors with gray couch - Google Search. The “Re-Blue” as CMG refers to it adds a nice spin on the … Manitou Blue is the “in” color now and even a darker navy is an excellent choice but just about any blue will look amazing with gray. SHOP LIME GREEN PAINT Explore. Light Gray Light gray wall with dark gray couch. I'm now 73, and live in PA. Great to see a post from an ole' hometown gal! … Gray can have two different tones, cool and warm. The walls look white. How to Paint a Room With a Gray Couch. The more chroma (intensity) a color has, the smaller the amounts should be. Home Decor. I have 3 kids and two dogs … In it, dark gray walls and trims serve as the perfect backdrop for … Aug 2, 2014 - paint colors with gray couch - Google Search. I'm looking at an ad on this same page, from Wayfair. Shade. But a pop of lime green against off-white walls and dark gray doors is sure to put a smile on your face as you walk downstairs every morning. Reds, oranges, (orange looks great) turquoise, blues. Rich jewel tones look fantastic against dark grays—and a great example of this is the room above by interior designer Tali Roth. We have to admit—this pairing is quite unexpected! Home Decor Styles.

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