Salary you can earn as a Biomedical Engineer. But every study we do contributes to the body of knowledge that brings science and society closer to a solution" - Kenneth Frazier We've been struggling with healing ourselves and extending our lives since our species became conscious. "The business of biomedical research is mostly about failure. There are various angles for biomedical science, including pathology, human biology, molecular biology, genetics, epidemiology, and clinical chemistry. Biomedical engineers work in an interdisciplinary field of research, in which they use life sciences, such as biology and medicine, in conjunction with engineering principles to solve health care problems. A biomedical engineer can earn upto 3 lakhs per annum. As mentioned above, there are various job profiles for biomedical engineering. With a masters in biomedical science degree, you can choose a career that suits your personal interests. Chances are you initially chose to study biomedical science so you can study postgraduate medicine afterwards. Just apply to med / law school and see if you can get in unless you wanna redo your B.S. As a biomedical engineer you'll apply engineering principles and materials technology to healthcare equipment. You can't do M.S. Don’t worry, we’ve found 7 great jobs for you… 5 Best Things You Can Do with a Masters in Biomedical Science Degree. Few projects we commission will ultimately result in success. Biomedical engineering is an expanding field that is vital to the future of health care in our world. Salaries can greatly vary especially when considering the differences between receiving a master's degree or a PhD. After the harsh realisation that postgraduate medicine is very hard to get into, you’re now looking for other options. computer engineering with biomedical engineering because you have enough exposure to circuit, machine level coding, vlsi, and definitely no knowledge of transistor. It is totally up to you whether you want to take Biomedical Engineering or not. You'll research, design and develop medical products, such as joint replacements or robotic surgical instruments, design or modify equipment for clients with special needs in a rehabilitation setting or manage the use of clinical equipment in hospitals and the community. It is expanding so much, in fact, that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment of biomedical engineers to grow a … Want to study Biomedical Sciences, but not sure what kind of jobs would be available to you after your degree? Salary increases with relevant experience in the field. Biomedical engineering major careers and jobs. to go in computer engineer.

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