How would you apply the transformational theory … The nurse leader needs to have excellent leadership skills, be conversant with change theories, and be able to partner and work effectively with staff in achieving the vision. Nursing care plan for nursing diagnosis September 19, 2020. Leadership can be a vexed and convoluted concept and it is commonly seen as linked to theories of management and associated with elevated hierarchical positions and power. From your readings this week, apply a leadership theory that most closely represents your approach to addressing the situation. Explain why your selection would accommodate a desirable outcome. How might your knowledge of the LMX theory help you to become a better leader? There is increasing clarity surrounding what true nursing leadership is, and how it differs from management. Transactional Leadership style in nursing is the one in which leaders give rewards or punishments to the employees respective of the way in which they complete the tasks. Sample Papers; Tags . The concept of leadership is a complex and multi-dimensional phenomenon; research conducted for over a century concludes that although it is one of the most observed concepts, no universally accepted definition or theory of leadership actually exists. Categories . This is one of the oft-used theories in business, and the proponents of this leadership style use rewards and punishments to motivate … This philosophy supports the theory that if something’s not broken, it doesn’t need to be fixed or changed, which a laissez-faire nursing leader wouldn’t take the initiative to do. Be very specific. Format your paper according to […] The theories of leadership are the studies and views of experts, scholars, and researchers that describe the aspects that make a great leader. Transactional Theories, also referred to as Management theories or exchange theories of leadership, revolve around the role of supervision, organization, and teamwork. What are the strengths and weakness of transformational leadership theory and leader-member theory (LMX)? Instructions: Please select one (1) leadership theory, and describe why it is particularly suited for healthcare organizational and especially nursing. Leadership Theories In chapters 1, 2 and 3, the author describes traits of successful leaders and then types of leadership theories. Published by Jessica White on September 19, 2020. It concentrates on the importance of supervision, leadership, organization and performance of the group. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that addresses the following: Describe a current event within your health care organization that requires leadership attention. Laissez-faire nursing isn’t necessarily a good fit for the healthcare industry, due to the constant state of change and need for quick decision making. Being a change coach involves navigating change, generating and mobilizing resources toward innovation, and improving outcomes. Different schools of thought have varied opinions on how can you become an extraordinary leader. 2. Cons of Laissez-Faire Leadership Style . These theories consider rewards and punishments as the basis for leadership actions.

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