Before you buy your turkey, take some tips from the pros about the d's and don'ts of turkey buying. Unfortunately, though, buying one isn't as straightforward as purchasing cranberries or the marshmallows you … To help you decide which turkey to buy for this Thanksgiving, we bought, roasted, and tasted five brand-name frozen turkeys from the supermarket. Choosing a fresh or frozen turkey depends largely on preference, but also on how soon you plan on cooking your turkey. After reading this list of the best things to buy in Turkey I hope you have some souvenir shopping plans in mind. Fresh turkeys are ready to prepare. Last year I boned and weighed several hundred pounds of Turkey as an experiment, both raw and cooked. Turkey is the star of most Thanksgiving meals. Buy at least one pound per person so you will have the most important thing -- leftovers for Turkey sandwiches the next day. The holidays are no time to gamble on a bird that cooks up dry and bland—or, worse, exhibits off-flavors. Fresh turkeys are best if held in the refrigerator for 24 hours before final preparation. While it may not be as easy to control for seasonings, cooking times, and temperatures, there is one easy way to start off your Thanksgiving feast preparation on the right foot: buy the best bird. Tony Spit has the details. A turkey isn’t your average 18th birthday ... in case you want to buy it well in advance. Make the right decision for you by considering these general tips. But if you are not actually going to Turkey and were looking to buy some Turkish souvenirs online, maybe for yourself, or maybe for friends or family you can find quite a few of these things here.

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