Watercress soup is good to consume after pregnancy just remember to add ginger as a confinement soup. Watercress is a fast-growing, aquatic or semi-aquatic, perennial plant native to Europe and Asia, and one of the oldest known leaf vegetables consumed by humans. Watercress chinese detox soup is well known in a Chinese household. It contains minerals such as calcium and antioxidants that are said to help with diabetes. Watercress is an ancient green that may have been a staple in the diet of Roman soldiers. The official Chinese name is 豆瓣菜 (dou ban cai). Watercress is incredibly dense in vitamins for a vegetable that’s so low in calories! Watercress is an aquatic leafy green vegetable that grows wild in shallow waterways, ponds, streams and natural springs. Keep the body hydrated. It is important to regularly drink detox soup to help clear the body from toxin. Watercress and kale are both powerhouses when it comes to nutrition. Along the stems are small outshoots with small oval leaves. Watercress 西洋菜. Because around the 1930s, a Chinese man visited Portugal to do business, when he came back to his home in Guangzhou, he brought some watercress seeds with him. In Mandarin Chinese, Watercress vegetable is actually called Xi Yang Cai or 西洋菜. Also known as Jalkumbji, Chansaur. Watercress or yellowcress is an aquatic plant species with the botanical name Nasturtium officinale.. Watercress is a rapidly growing, aquatic or semi-aquatic, perennial plant native to Europe and Asia, and one of the oldest known leaf vegetables consumed by humans. Here are 10 impressive health benefits of watercress. One serving of our Chinese Watercress Soup will mean you get to enjoy the nutrients found in watercress, including vitamins K, C and A. Which actually directly translates to “Western Vegetable”. Why? Watercress Chinese Soup; Watercress Finally. One cup of watercress provides more than 100% of the recommended daily intake for vitamin K, which is essential to bone health. In fact, it’s been reported that watercress may rival several other superfoods in terms of its nutrient content, including Chinese cabbage, Swiss chard, beet greens, spinach and chicory root. Low in calories and high in nutrients, watercress is considered an extremely nutrient-dense food and may aid in weight loss. Usually watercress has leaves in deep green and crisp stems. Unlike the watercress used in English creamy watercress soup which has thick roundish shiny leaves, this variety has long tender stems. Description Watercress are fast-growing, aquatic or semi-aquatic, perennial plants native from Europe to central Asia, and one of the oldest known leaf vegetables consumed by human beings. In Chinese, we call this type of leave veggie as西(xī)洋(yáng)菜(cài). About Chinese Watercress. These plants are members of the Family Brassicaceae or cabbage family, botanically related to garden cress and mustard - all noteworthy for a peppery, tangy flavor. It is acknowledged as one of the oldest of the wild edible green species consumed by humans and, although once native to Europe and Asia, has now naturalized to many parts of the world conducive to its growth. watercress translate: 水田芥(水生植物,叶子常作色拉食用). It is called 西洋菜 (xi yang cai) in Mandarin and it literally means "western vegetable". Watercress is an often overlooked leafy green vegetable that packs a powerful nutrient punch for very few calories. This soup is flavorful. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese simplified Dictionary.

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