Can't wait to see what it looks like mounted on the wall in my room! Just recieved my Longclaw and it is awesome, to think i have an official part of the saga of books that I love is a great feeling! The Sword itself is of great quality and the help from Valyrian Steel was flawless, quick and knowledgeable support. I payed Ups basic to Toronto, but had an additional $54 C.O.D. Just be patient because alot of people are not even aware you exist. The hilt is well put together and the pommel is fantastic. I couldn't be happier, and am enthusiasticly awaiting the next bit of steel. I also think that the wolf's head pommel is real sharp. Well done, Valyrian Steel! I'm quite the nerdy amateur photographer and I'm editing a little video I made of the sword and its first mounting on the plaque on my wall, I'll post a link when I get it up on youtube! It now hangs proudly on my wall, and everyone I know is interested in seeing it. The ringing steel when mounting/unmounting from the plaque. Includes mounting hardware. I thought it was beautyful even watchin it on photos. You mean OUR sward, Sheldon? Received Longclaw #1355 today and it is a truely magnificient reproduction. It just makes it even more special and the perfect start of my collection. I am thoroughly impressed by it! Like Rebecca, I too am now a lifelong customer. Looks amazing, feels great, and adds a level of bada$$ to my wall. Jon Snow responded that wolves have claws just as bears do, and kept the proud name as it was. I recieved #600 and the number is on the back of the sword so it doesn't really matter if its on the certificate or not. This SECOND EDITION is unnumbered and does not include his autograph. If you're hesitating, don't. Very well crafted, love the Direwolf head too! I'll try to spread the word. The sound of the Leather wrap while gripping the hilt. The craftsmanship is outstanding, the heft and feel is powerful and awe-inspiring. The grip looks and feels good. I feel attached to this sword. Longclaw was featured on The Big Bang Theory episode titled The Russian Rocket Experiment on CBS Oct 13th 2011. Definitely worth preserving all by itself . Trying to decide if I should buy ice or wait and see what oathkeeper looks like. This is the most beautiful awesome blade a girl could ever dream of!!!!!!!! I love Jon Snow! The quality is above and beyond what I expected. I got #1599 and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Looks beautiful, feels beautiful would definately buy another if the wife would allow it! It feels like a real sword other then its not sharpened. The detail is awesome & it has a nice heft. [32], Valyrian steel is a fantasy metal. I definitely plan on purchasing more Valyrian Steel swords in the future! It cost a little extra money to get it into Alberta, but definitely worth it! Don't forget I even saved us 40 bucks! The entire package is superb.... Plaque, COA, etched numbering. -jh, OMG! Which means it has magical characteristics, and magic plays a role in its forging. I received my #2386 Longclaw in Spain a few days ago, and it's just AMAZING! Got mine Friday and it is amazing. Received it today #880. 3 szbszig, Morte and LynnS reacted to this Quote; Share this post. I also commend the excellent service and really prompt shipping. Looks amazing on my wall with the mounting plaque, which itself is a work of art. The blade really does "sing" as you swing it with no rattle at all. Very quality product!! The blade enlightens you to the athleticism needed to be proficient wielding that much steel. I live in France, just received it, and love it. Looks pretty much what I had imagined the sword to look like. The first edition was 2500 pcs and included George R.R. Longclaw is absolutely amazing! Received Longclaw 1603. Charge. Simply phenomenal. Already have Ice, which is beautiful, but Longclaw is truly a work of art. Good job dudes! 3. Looking forward to collecting whatever else you my come up with. The ancient Valyrian steel sword actually originated from the House of Mormont and was Jeor Mormont’s sword, given to Jon Snow. Just received my sword, It looks great has a perfect feel in the hand. :). [17], Euron Greyjoy is seen by his captive brother, Aeron, in a suit of black scale armor which Aeron believes to be Valyrian steel. I would give more than 5 stars if only I could. It is alot larger than I pictured it. It is better then I imagined after reading all these good reviews. I haven't seen any other reviews stating anyone else has had this issue so I assume it's a one off but still a bit of a sad surprise. Still well worth it for the price Valyrian you just made another lifetime customer once I save up the cash :).

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