Owned and operated by Paul Ostiguy of Montreal, this unique lodge is nestled on the rugged shores of Ungava Bay in northern Quebec. Last Day of a Challenging Week of Weather, Another Saltwater Trip Threatened by Weather, Arrival at Casa Blanca Fishing Lodge in Mexico, Doing No Wrong with the Northern Pike of November, Favorable November Weather Brings Pike on Fly, A Warm November Continues to Deliver more Fishing Days, Last Day Fly Fishing the Ozarks of Arkansas, The White River in Arkansas with Davy Wotton, Fly Fishing for Walleye on Pathfinder Reservoir, The Sandstorm Ridden Carp Flats of Wyoming, A Trip to the Yellowstone River in Yellowstone, Laying Low Through the Dog Days of August, The Crystal Clear Carp Flats of Bear Lake, Unforeseen Trip to Blackfoot Pays Huge Dividends, World Class Fly Fishing for Bass & Carp Comes to an End, Cool Morning Smallies & Hot Afternoon Carp, First Stop - Back Bay in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, Huge Smallmouth from Lake Mille Lacs in MN, Back on the Road Again - Lake Mille Lacs, Minnesota, Father's Day Gifts for the Angler the has Everything, Tonight is the Final Episode of "Currier's Global Fish Quest", Don't Miss "Currier's Global Fish Quests" Episode 3, Hideous Wind & Surprising Cold Hinders First Blackfoot Carp Quest of the Year, Don't Miss "Currier's Global Fish Quests" Series, First Ever Instagram Live Tonight at 6 PM MST, A Great Fishing Week in MT comes to an End, David Blackburn's Kootenai Angler Montana, First Step into Our Rapidly Changing World. Burt took no chances and pulled out his camera and started the video. Fantastic! I went to Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin, where I graduated with a Naturalist Degree while I discovered new fishing opportunities for pike, muskellunge, walleyes and various salmonids found in Lake Superior and its tributaries. I presently have taken over 385 species from over 60 countries! When tides change you have what is referred to as the slack. We were haggard. Shop for Jeff's fish art mugs - Over 50 different species! Discover our all-inclusive package Safari Tour and Hunting, Fishing and Nordic Safari by helicopter, and the Salmon Fishing package. The char had to be here. If you fall in you have two minutes to live. We saw hundreds of Arctic terns, sea pigeons and eider and scoter ducks. The water and currents don’t move much. . Douala to Garoua, Cameroon for Nile Perch, Recap of the California Speaking Tour 2019, Hunt for Gold in the Last Day of the Worlds, World Masters Flyfishing Championships Day 1, The World Masters Fly Fishing Championships 2019, Final Practice for the World Championships of Flyfishing 2019, All of Team USA Flyfishing Arrived in South Africa, A Fly Fishing Day on the Reef to Remember, Largescale and Smallscale Yellowfish in a Day, Flyfishing the Belfast Dam of South Africa, Fly Fishing the Spekboom River of South Africa, Fishing Gifts for the Angler that has Everything, The End to a Great Week at Turneffe Flats Lodge, Cold Front Continues to Hamper Flyfishing in Belize, Lockjaw for the Flats Fish of Belize Today, Conclusion of the Yeti Pro/Am Redfish Tournament, The Yeti Ambassadors Summit Redfish Tournament, Welcome to the Great Northwoods of Wisconsin, No Missing the Jenny Lake Lake Trout Season, Blue Marlin on the Fly - The End of a Curse, Fishing Bum Life Returns in Big Carp Fashion, First Backpacking Trip Ever for the Nieces, Nearly a Month of Warmwater Flyfishing Comes to an End, Prowling for New Hampshire Largemouth Bass, Back to the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, Flyfishing for Shoal Bass on the Chattahoochee River, Fly Fishing for Spotted Bass on Lake Lanier Georgia, First Ever Johnny Boyd Classic a Huge Success, Weather Hell for the Carp Tourney Pre-fish, Final Day and Memories from St. Brandon's Atoll, Legendary Day Fishing at St. Brandon's Atoll. Paul moved a nice fish on a Pixee lure but he wouldn’t eat it. All Great Journeys come to an End - Hurry up and Book the Next - Farquhar! Ungava Adventures Our fishing camps are located 1000 miles north of Montreal in Nunavik, Quebec. You will arrive at the Lodge on Sunday and depart the Lodge the following Sunday. A Full Schedule in Indiana and Michigan Starts Now! Tides for today; Tides for this week; Weather; Fishing times; Fishing time for Leaf Lake, Ungava Bay Good fishing day.

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