University and campus requirements apply to all undergraduate students regardless of college and major. Must complete 84 units before enrolling in 192, 194H and 199 to receive degree and upper division credit. Internship. For more information about the Entry Level Writing Requirement, visit If students choose to take this challenge exam, they are strongly advised to do so in their junior year. Special Study. This examination does not yield credit. The Academic Senate limits the total number of courses graded P, including units earned in courses graded “P/NP only,” to one third of the units completed on the UC Davis campus. Once you have chosen the year of the General Catalog under which you wish to be governed, you must satisfy all of the university, campus and college requirements specified in that catalog. Students may apply credit for courses taken in the Open Campus Program through UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education (formerly known as UC Davis Extension) towards the 180-unit undergraduate degree requirement. This test may be taken at any time during your high school career. Additional limitations on UC Davis Extension “X” courses include: a maximum of 9 units may be offered for elective credit only and may not be applied toward fulfillment of the Area, Foreign Language, Upper Division, or Residence requirements of the College. Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degrees must complete two additional requirements. Additionally, credit from such courses may be applied toward fulfillment of all university, campus, college and major unit and subject matter requirements—including the Area, Foreign Language, Upper Division and Residence requirements of the College—in the same manner that the corresponding regular UC Davis course is so accepted. Before accumulating 135 units. If you have not completed the required level language course, but assume you have attained equivalent language fluency and cultural knowledge, you may satisfy the language requirement by passing a proficiency examination. The no-fee, no-unit examination is typically offered on a Saturday in October, January, and April. To obtain these minimum averages in the major, you may repeat courses that are graded D or F. If you have to repeat a course more than once, you need approval from Undergraduate Education and Advising in the Office of the Dean. A score of 7, 6, or 5 on the French A1, A2, or B Examination, the German A1, A2 or B Examination, the Italian A1 Examination, the Latin Examination, the Portuguese A1, A2 or B Examination, or the Spanish A1 Examination taken in high school will satisfy the Foreign Language requirement. The Office of the University Registrar is conducting business by phone & virtually. Tuesday: 10 a.m. - noon, 1 - 4 p.m.
 To plan properly and to ensure that you get the most out of your remaining education and complete all graduation requirements as well, you should know what requirements remain unsatisfied. A test may not be taken, however, in a language for which you have already received degree credit. Nonstandard Courses. You will be expected to adhere to a program of courses agreed upon and to meet other conditions that may have been set. • All professional courses 300–398 for teachers offered outside of the College of Letters and Science. Undergraduates may enroll in graduate and professional courses subject to the restrictions outlined on the petition to Request to Take a 200, 300 or 400 - Numbered Course for Degree Credit. Limitation on Credit for Graduate and Professional Courses. Before accumulating 90 units. Excluding courses that are graded on a Passed/Not Passed (P/NP) basis only, the number of units graded P that may be accepted towards a degree in the College of Letters and Science is limited to not more than one fourth of the units completed in residence on the UC Davis campus. Transfer admits:  During Orientation, you should be in contact with your departmental adviser for a check of your major requirements. Foreign Language. To be competitive for freshman admission to UC Davis, prospective students must be on track to earn a high school diploma (or equivalent) and meet all UC freshman admission requirements. By Examination: Standardized Tests. The Foreign Language Requirement may be satisfied in any language offered at UC Davis, including ancient languages, or which is normally taught at—and for which transfer credit is allowed— from another institution, including American Sign Language. University and campus requirements apply to all undergraduate students regardless of college and major. • Internship courses (numbers 92, 192): 12 units maximum including internship units taken at other institutions; see Nonstandard courses, • Music 130, 131, 140-150 (combined): 19 units maximum, • Nonstandard courses (92, 97T, 97TC, 99, 192, 194H, 197T, 197TC, 199 and similar courses): 30 units maximum or one sixth (1/6) of the units taken at UC Davis, whichever is the smaller; note the separate unit limits on internship, special study and tutoring courses; and major limitations, • Physical Education 1 and 6 (combined): 6 units maximum, • Special Study courses (99, 194H, 199): 5 units maximum in any one quarter; see Nonstandard courses, • Tutoring courses (97T, 97TC, 197T, 197TC): 10 units maximum; see Nonstandard courses, above. An exception to this rule is made for those students undertaking certain honors courses. Students who are enrolled in a major administered by the College of Biological Sciences and students who are Undeclared-Life Sciences see a staff advisor in the Biology Academic Success Center for their major, university, general education, and college academic advising. Students interested in entering the health science field should check with the Health Professions Advising office or the Biology Academic Success Center before choosing this option. • All variable unit courses 300–398 and 400–498 offered within the College of Letters and Science. You must petition for continuation, however, and file the quarter-by-quarter course program you have planned. Upon reaching 200 units, a student must submit a quarter-by-quarter graduation plan to the Biology Academic Success Center or a hold will be placed on their registration. Language learning enables students to communicate effectively in an increasingly internationalized world, enhances their ability to understand ways of thinking different from their own, gives them direct access to cultural production from another time and place, awakens in them an awareness of the conditioned nature of their assumptions about the world, and trains them to cope more effectively with intellectual and practical problems they may face in their future careers. B. Unit Each candidate must complete a program of study under an approved curriculum in Engineering, totaling at least 180 units. Units earned in Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate exams are not counted toward this 225-unit limit. These units, however, are not counted as upper division units. These requirements are fulfilled by completing a major program offered by a teaching department or program committee in the College of Letters and Science (see the list of majors) or an individual major program approved by the College’s Committee on Individual Majors. • Students on leave of absence and regular status students when matriculated, or regular status students for a period of one calendar year following the last term of regular enrollment at UC Davis, may not enroll in Open Campus (Concurrent) courses. In alignment with the campus directives regarding precautions surrounding COVID-19, the Undergraduate Education and Advising Office is now physically closed. Students may apply credit for courses taken in the Open Campus (Concurrent) Program through UC Davis Extension towards the 180-unit undergraduate degree requirement. Our campus then reviews and assesses all applications as part of our UC Davis freshman application review process. If you have successfully completed the second or third year of a language in the tenth or higher grade in high school, you may receive unit credit for course 1 of that language when taken at UC Davis, but the grading mode will be P/NP only. No student may exceed 225 units in their academic career without approval of the Dean. 
200 Social Science and Humanities 
 Limitation on Credit for Units Graded P. Students in the College of Letters and Science are subject to an additional limitation on the number of units that may be completed employing the Passed/Not Passed grading option. 3. On occasion, the faculty makes changes in the requirements that students must satisfy to obtain the baccalaureate degree.

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