Fabrication machines need to balance in your shop if you want to create high-tech products. Agricultural Machinery is any kind of machinery used on a farm to help with farming. Composite fabrication processes typically involve some form of molding, to shape the resin and reinforcement. Countertop Fabrication: Stages. The bread and butter of any Granite Shop is the Fabrication of Stone pieces, generally Kitchen Countertops or Bathroom Vanities. KAAST Machine Tools, Inc. Bidding on and winning a large fabrication job is a great reason to make sure your shop is properly supplied with the equipment you’ll need to complete everything in-house. It would be overkill to touch on each one individually. Support Table: Includes guides for accurate positioning and indicator lines at 30 and 45 degrees left and right. You can bet that wherever that shipment came from, those sheets were formed by a shearing machine. We have the right machine for your structural steel fabrication application. The smallest bed lengths start at four feet, whereas the longest beds can reach a length of almost 30 feet. The KAAST HGS shear boasts the world’s heaviest and most robust swing beam shear construction. Shear Blades: Four (4) usable edges. 3 Merion Terrace Almost all jets have an “abrasive hopper system.” This feature incorporates a metered flow of granular abrasive, usually garnet, to aid in cutting the aforementioned materials. However, you can bet that wherever one of those unnamed machines is being used, there also is a waterjet, press brake, laser, plasma or shear in the same shop sitting nearby. In addition to semi-automatic horizontal miter band saws, KAAST also offers fully automated miter band saws with programmable cutting angle and automatic workpiece feed. Aluminum, 4. The heavy-duty Ironworker has 5 work stations that are fully integrated: Punch Work Table: Includes back gauge and adjustable stops. All KAAST saws fulfill European standards, undergo rigorous testing and bear the CE mark. This leaves a high-quality surface finish that is critical to the success of the finished product as a whole. Two (2) usable edges. Laser cutting systems are quite advanced. It saves labor, time, energy and cost. Aldan, PA 19018 USA. A KAAST ironworker can be the “Swiss Army Knife” of your machine shop — with stations for punching, notching, shearing and more, this versatile piece of equipment should be indispensable in your metal fabrication operation. Copper, 7. This allows pre-bending both sides of the plate without removing it from the machine. This will be extremely quick and easy for you if you have all the necessary machine tools to complete each part of the job. The different types of metals commonly fabricated by these machines include steel, aluminum, brass, and sheet metal. It's seriously crazy. Hydraulic press brakes offer accuracy and versatility for bending simple or … For example, the leading custom metal fabrication company near Chicago considers the above-mentioned machines in their workshops to deliver a quality job. The saw portfolio covers everything from miter band saws to semi-automatic and fully automated band saws. Plastics, 6. Different types of equipment … KAAST offers both mechanical and hydraulic plate rolls in a variety of roll diameters and lengths. Let's start off by saying that I understand that you, as the reader, likely do not want to read a 20-page blog covering every individual type of fabrication machine out there. Hydraulic Press Brakes. “Old Reliable” should be stenciled on the side of every press brake in the world. While it might seem fictional, plasma is actually a common and widespread method of cutting certain materials. Unlike the usual cylinder machines, the lower rolls move horizontally to right and left and the upper roll moves up and down. Straight edge is minimized by close roll stance, powerful guide rolls and hydraulic adjustments. In this case, go with a hydraulic press brake. The most common applications that lasers can be used for includes: Industries with high demand for these operations are usually ones that require high precision for cutting complex parts.

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