�U�@�(ַ�����ط���E"ޚޫ����첑eԙ!��'1^`L���������e:�v������B�D!Y b��!^_(���H!�7�R��,&Wwx�� ����#�������V�L��qy���}O�LRؿK�,�Q��bQ*��n�f�`ӷ=��u���l�2�K8�����5>��z�2ц������Oe|$?y���OO�W�׃Թ�!�`�eVk�F�?=!�����ib��d:Nsk�Z��b�Y����O��L7]�R�ajd���b�O�����]�endstream Place a clean dressing over the entire wound. However, it is... Cut the fabric into a square of 40×40 inches Cut the square in half. Gauze dressings let in air for faster healing. • Prevent hairs going into the wound by applying water soluble gel or by temporarily closing it with towel clips or a... • Trim hair at the edges of the wound with scissors. Clean the wound with mild soap and water. Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. Triangular bandages are used to stop bleeding wounds but you need to make sure your triangle bandage is sterile. Covering a break in the skin helps to control bleeding and protect against infection. endobj 1. Cloth bandages cover dressings and hold them in place. Apply a small layer of topical antibiotic if desired. 3590 Take the ends behind the head and cross the ends over the apex. If circulation is poor, the skin may look pale or blue or feel cold. Making Your Own Triangular Bandage Choose your fabric: Any sturdy fabric can be used for a triangle bandage, such as an old bedsheet. =�gPKN�l �vj S�X ;��p����rY�-`*�` �^W����!G,=;6^���1�;4���>ͷtl���2����T�*��S7��bod�Wd�y�z�G\���L�KzX�� �Úf0;�{�. Apply a small layer of topical antibiotic if desired. Triangular bandages BASIC BANDAGING FORMS Each bandaging technique consists of various basic forms of bandaging. If short, tie at base of neck, or take them over the forehead and tie. You now have two triangle bandages … Dress the wound. If symptoms continue, seek medical attention. Put on gloves or use other protection to avoid contact with the victim's blood. 4. If circulation is reduced, loosen the bandage immediately. 6 0 obj 24 0 obj x��\m�G�ٷ9�&Ķ|p�$$b7d'�����_�N�ç ! It can be folded into a square shape and used to apply pressure over a wound just like you’d use a trauma pad. Check circulation in the area below the bandage after several minutes and again after several hours. ;�����������[$R2;�oS]��SU=���T�H���l���w���nw��q�x�j�vz��n���t�����������F�1F#�Qe'��]��U�n�l^n�ۛ^�`��l���r��N�1��`�{�T���^�V+����|-�^o����J밽��uכֿ�s���]H���n������J���m���0�Pհ�RcۏvR��y�}�*��z����^�,m00@�U.n����7&8G^0uRQB�j�<�\/��o{��ۏ��!����MtQ�U��4��u�O�:��+2��r>�>'v��f��Z�o����G•��{��[��^�j��I�WʀL�����]�������[��T55�t1�d�������p-��I�@�6h#�_�l� ���$��`CAwc�.�"&�g�נ�ZG��K� ɴ5E�_�|�xb݈�T+���/����F�`���^y6+�Y2�^0 @~��&�����:/A7�����᳤��y��8D�D�T�����H��@�:�}�������^%+!oB����^������ �ЎÛ��Rg�Nr9�����]scW�P����B����L�c����i52�yd΋�V�U��I��e*�Fg��L����n4�bu��j�1O�ט�4ë`X�I� _��/e m�(�������L+�Xy���"��^j0����S����&6d��� ��"T�����n�H�������]�J��^9��d z)�rQ���A�P�& �Q%:�TЙV���W���6H��N ���X �L5ꠄ!�p�\�9P��L?�����e% �a�L��E�'p����� $P`����F� B@>���rl�ځ�)9�u�Ҝ=Igap� ���7c�rK*�5]p���U;�,����j` … Saint Luke’s Concierge: 816-932-5100. <> Title: Bandaging and Splinting Author: U.S. Army Field Manual 8-50 Subject: June 1957 Created Date: 9/23/2005 11:02:41 AM 2. Cloth bandages cover dressings and hold them in place. Turn the base (longest side) of the bandage up and center its base on center of the forehead, letting the point (apex) fall on the back of the neck. Step 1. Small, unbroken blisters can be left uncovered and will usually heal on their own. Extend the bandage at least an inch beyond both sides of the dressing. 3. Don't Pop Blisters. Nonstick dressings have a special surface that won't cling to the wound. Don't wrap the bandage so tight that it interferes with blood flow to healthy tissue. stream Put on gloves or use other protection to avoid contact with the victim's blood. N_'�r�"�P�Ҁ��%���PS��"��֐��]9��9͚��j Figure 4. If blood soaks through the dressing, place another dressing over the first one. Hand Bandage• Place the hand in the middle of the triangular bandage with the wrist at the base of the• Place the apex over the fingers and tuck any excess material into the pleats on each side of the hand• Cross the ends on top of the hand, take them around the wrist, and tie them with a … Wrap roller gauze or cloth strips over the dressing and around the wound several times.

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