Juicy, ripe and colorful, fresh tomatoes are one of the summer season's greatest pleasures. For a lighter dish, strain out the extra oil (you can use it in salad dressing). Ingredients: Tomato juice, tomatoes, cucumber, yellow bell pepper, red bell pepper, red onion, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic, salt, black pepper, fresh basil. Serve with a crisp green salad to complete the meal. This tomato sauce is sometimes paired with bucatini; here, Fabio dresses up rigatoni with it. This grilled dish combines veggies with couscous to make a healthy, low-fat dish. Jennifer Causey; Food Styling: Chelsea Zimmer; Prop Styling: Mindi Shapiro, Credit: Make snacking exciting and … Doctors explain how to tell if you have a head cold or something more serious that requires medical attention, such as the flu, strep throat, meningitis, or mono. Ingredients: Whole-wheat country bread, tomatoes, English cucumber, red bell pepper, red onion, Dijon mustard, red wine vinegar, basil, olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper. This simple lunch comes together in just 10 minutes, making it a great option for busy days. Keep tomatoes on the counter, not in the fridge, for the best flavor and texture. We took these classic Italian flavors to the next level with summery recipes like Caprese Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms, Caprese Grilled Cheese and Chicken Caprese Pasta Salad Bowls. Season your fish with a delicious blend of tomatoes, thyme, olive oil, and garlic. Ingredients: Tomatoes, short pasta noodles, olive oil, basil, oregano, garlic, grated Parmesan, salt, pepper, Try this recipe: Herb-Parmesan Roasted Tomatoes. This bitter green salad turns the bland lunch salad on its head with its Mediterranean flair. All Rights Reserved. Try this recipe: Salmon With Roasted Cherry Tomatoes Season your fish with a delicious blend of tomatoes, thyme, olive oil, and garlic. This might just be the ultimate healthy comfort food recipe. You bet! Serve yatimcheh with flatbread, like lavash or sangak, or rice, with a side of fresh herbs such as parsley, mint, basil or green onions, and plain yogurt. Ingredients: Plum tomatoes, phyllo dough, feta, thyme, rosemary, olive oil, salt, pepper, Try this recipe: Spicy Frozen Bloody Marys. You could also roast them and use it as a side dish. These deliciously simple appetizers are supposed to be broiled. Healthy Tomato Recipes. Panzanella, a Tuscan salad made with chunks of bread, is a traditional way to enjoy summer tomatoes. "I'm petrified," the actress said when she shared the news that her breast cancer came back. Yum! Greg DuPree; Food Styling: Torie Cox; Prop Styling: Chelsea Zimmer, Credit: Canned tomatoes are a super versatile pantry staple that can be used in a variety of delicious, healthy dishes. Serve as a side dish or enjoy as an afternoon snack or at brunch. Most quiche dishes will put a dent in your daily calorie count. All rights reserved. Yatimcheh is a comforting, economical and easy-to-prepare Iranian vegetarian stew of eggplant, tomatoes and potatoes. This classic Italian combo uses fresh ingredients to create a light, fiber-rich summer pasta. Have an abundance of fresh tomatoes? Ingredients: Tomatoes, mozzarella, kalamata olives, basil, olive oil, salt, pepper. This dish can be prepared year-round but is particularly flavorful with sweet late-summer tomatoes and eggplant. Ingredients: Crusty bread, part-skim ricotta cheese, cherry tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil, salt, black pepper, Try this recipe: Grilled Rosemary Plum Tomatoes. Fresh lime juice adds a burst of citrus freshness. Courgetti fritters with tomato salsa. Ingredients: Avocado or coconut oil, shrimp, salt and black pepper, garlic, lemons, Dijon mustard, raw honey, extra-virgin olive oil, cherry tomatoes, English cucumber, parsley, tarragon, thyme, avocado, Bibb lettuce, Try this recipe: Tomato-Cheddar Cornbread. Here's why a stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis can be so frightening. This slimmed-down grilled cheese sandwich still tastes every bit as good as the comfort food classic you know and love. Watch the video to learn how to fix a quick, wholesome dinner for two. For an extra burst of flavor, grill a lemon, too, and squeeze some of its juice over the veggies. These tuna-stuffed tomatoes get their distinct and tasty flavor from capers and olives. Get the recipe:Grilled Chicken and Tomato Salad, Try this recipe: Slow-Roasted Cherry Tomatoes. Ingredients: Plum tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, green chiles, green onions, cilantro, oregano, vinegar, salt, pepper, sugar, lite soy sauce, limes, Calories: 38 per half-cup serving (approximate), Try this recipe: Salmon With Roasted Cherry Tomatoes. Rosemary and shallots give the juicy tomatoes a subtle flavor. Packed with plenty of vegetables and tons of flavor, this chicken pasta bake is inspired by the ingredients in a caprese salad. 3 ratings 5.0 out of 5 star rating. Ingredients: Extra-virgin olive oil, garlic, baby spinach, parsley leaves, capers, hempseed, lemons, salt, black pepper, zucchini, avocado oil, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan shavings (optional), Try this recipe: Shrimp-Tomato-Avocado Salad. Overripe tomatoes are perfect for sauces and soups as their softer texture is easily masked when blended with other flavors. Typically, it's made with few ingredients: garlic, guanciale (cured pork jowl), cheese and tomato. Mild Italian sausage and potatoes are the foundation for this simple sausage, potato and kale soup. We keep this simple by focusing on the empanada filling and instead of making the dough from scratch, we achieve flaky empanadas with the help of refrigerated pie crust. The best part? Ingredients: Whole-wheat pasta shells, butter, shallot, red pepper, baby spinach, low-sodium chicken broth, half-and-half, pecorino Romano cheese, black pepper, grape tomatoes, fresh parsley, Try this recipe: Cherry Tomato-Halloumi Skewers. We're loving their inspirational, body-positive messages. Is Your Doctor Gaslighting You? Ingredients: Shallots, olive oil, rosemary, lemons, black pepper, salt, tomatoes, cooking spray, Try this recipe: Garden Vegetable Crustless Quiche. Tomato-Basil Soup with Herbed Focaccia Croutons. Best Breakfast Burrito This mega breakfast burrito has it all: spicy roasted potatoes, avocado, scrambled eggs, roasted red peppers, spinach, black beans, and pico de gallo. Here's What to Do, 9 Signs It's More Serious Than the Common Cold, How Your Period Changes During Your 20s, 30s, and 40s, 12 Anxiety Symptoms That Might Point to a Disorder, Shannen Doherty Reveals Stage 4 Breast Cancer Diagnosis—Here's What It Means, The Best (and Worst) Diets of 2020, According to Experts, 10 Moves for a Cardio Workout at Home—No Equipment Required, These 13 Women Prove Every Body Is a Bikini Body, 20 Things You Should Throw Away for Better Health. Ingredients: Cooking spray, rye bread, grainy mustard, reduced-fat Cheddar cheese, beefsteak tomato, Try this recipe: Tomato-Curry Poached Eggs. But if you're already throwing some meat on the grill, stick them on the grates first for a crispy texture. Roma or plum tomatoes are fleshy, low in seeds and cheap--making them a good candidate for tomato soup. The perfect appetizer, they're simple to make and provide 2 grams of fiber. Basil, oregano, or mint, or a combination, works nicely. Find healthy, delicious tomato recipes including roasted tomatoes, stuffed tomatoes and tomato salsa. When tomatoes are in season, I eat them at every meal I can…breakfast included. This is the perfect recipe to make during prime tomato season where there are multiple colors and flavors to choose from. This fresh, protein-packed salad can be ready and on the table in just 30 minutes. Nothing says summer like a Caprese salad does. Healthier recipes, from the food and nutrition experts at EatingWell. Cut this tart into smaller pieces (you may get up to 20) to serve at a party. It's a European cheese often used in Mediterranean dishes. During peak season you may also see other suitable plum-shaped heirloom varieties at your farmers' market, … Diced fresh tomatoes mix it up with cubed mozzarella, fresh basil, butter lettuce, and marinated grilled steak. Clean out expired products and clutter to make way for a healthier you. If you have more tomatoes on hand than you know what to do with this year, try one of these delicious and healthy recipes to transform them into something truly special. From fresh, veggie-packed salads to decadent pastas and pizzas to hearty side dishes like tomato-cheddar cornbread, there's something for everyone—and every time of day—on this list. While it can't take the place of true tamales, it certainly makes for an easy and scrumptious weeknight dinner. If you have fresh herbs handy, use them to garnish this pasta dish. And this recipe takes the flavor up a notch by adding kalamata olives and basil. The result is a perfect vegetarian, late-summer dinner everyone will enjoy. Roast some potatoes while the chicken is in the oven to serve as a side dish. Chicken Tamale Casserole. Pulse in some horseradish for a stronger bite. We have pulled together 20 of our favorite recipes using them to help you clear out your pantry and get dinner on the table.

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