Evangelical missionaries. This causes some friction in Tlingit society because most Tlingit elders are fervent believers in Christianity, and have transferred or equated many Tlingit concepts with Christian ones. Tlingit. The theory of many writers is that the Athapascans came across the Bering Ice Bridge. Fast, Ph.D. at University of Each house was led by a 'chief', in Tlingit hít s'aatí "house master", a person of high stature within the family. 3.3.2 Processing and storage Hudson's Bay Company. However children are not necessarily given an inherited name while young, instead being given one that seems appropriate to the child, recalls an interesting event in the child's life, or is simply made up on the spot. Protestant It How Of Christianity Was First Heard Of At Sitka, How 4.3 Death and the Afterlife Language: people are not supposed Methods of preparation often involve deep-frying or pan frying, although baking is also common and is more traditional. Since food is so easy to gather from the beaches, a person who can't feed themselves at least enough to stay alive is considered to be a fool, perhaps mentally incompetent or suffering from very bad luck. These can be perceived in many different ways, such as the hardness of strong bones or the hardness of a firm will; the heat given off by a healthy living man, or the heat of a passionate feeling; the dryness of clean skin and hair, or the sharp dry scent of cedar. bay. ], [Land. The idea of kaa yahaayí is that it is the person's essence, shadow, or reflection. side. Another man had been killed recently, and his relatives had not been compensated by the factory managers for his death, a customary Tlingit practice which they had engaged previously. Beaver The Tlingit apply the indigenous concept of property mostly in ceremonial circumstances, such as after the death of an individual, the construction of clan houses, erection of totem poles, etc. The Gânaxa'dî To Tongass Compiled by: Glenn Welker The most obvious is the division between the light water and the dark forest which surrounds their daily lives in the Tlingit homeland. Beaver The passage under the Cleaning and removal of the viscera is optional, and if being frozen whole many do not bother due to the diminutive size of the fish. The feelings and thoughts of a person are encompassed by the kaa toowú. (All Nation's Children) route would be a long and wasting journey, so the leaders, Young men at war. H.S. Tlingit The oil protected the fish from mold and bacteria, and provided a secure method of long term storage for not only fish, but most other foodstuffs as well. ], [In the world, not outside of it. Fish traps were constructed in a few ways, depending on the type of river or stream being worked. Light reflects brightly off the sea, and it is one of the first things that a person in Southeast Alaska sees when they look outside. This Herring are usually processed like salmon, dried and smoked whole. They made a simple dugout canoe and took it down the river under the glacier, and came out to see a rocky plain with deep forests and rich beaches all around. It can even refer to the appearance of a person in a photograph or painting, and is metaphorically used to refer to the behavior or appearance of a person as other than what they are or should be. They vary mostly in location of the events, with some being very specific about particular rivers and glaciers, others being more vague. Although clan ownership of places is nearly complete in the Tlingit world, with the entirety of Southeast Alaska being divided up into a patchwork of bays, inlets, and rivers belonging to particular clans, this does not in practice provide much of an obstacle to food harvest and travel.

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