The stack of mahogany above shows how lumber comes in many widths, rarely uniform. 4. Because the amount of wood you buy is largely dependent on the sizes available in the lumber pile. But don't worry, this is usually no more than a fraction of a board foot, but we do need to charge you for exactly what you receive. Use the "Minimum Size Request" box to ask for boards to be a minimum size. Woodworkers Source started in 1978 to provide the finest hardwood lumber to all types of woodworkers, from beginners getting started with the craft to long-time professionals. Category: Plywood. Get the best Baltic birch in the size you want! Baltic Birch cannot be found in my part of the woods! Baltic Birch is the plywood of choice for a number of uses because it's inexpensive, stable, holds screws exceptionally well, and it's made with waterproof glue. Perfect for my pull-out shelves and drawers I am adding to the lower kitchen cabinets. Powered by FeedBurner. 6. Lumber comes in various widths and lengths, which is why sizes and final board footage must fluctuate, and this is why you may need to buy more footage than you realize. The members of our crew are woodworking hobbyists too, so they get to know many of our woods by working with them. Doing business with Woodworkers Source is better. Yes! Cut lines are overlaid on an image of a 60"x60" Baltic birch sheet to show you the exact proportion of the sheets we cut. Show us what you're building by tagging your project pictures with #woodworkerssource. Woodworkers cover the edges of Baltic Birch with edge banding or leave the edges bare. Shipping Costs also will be adjusted to reflect the actual quantity we're shipping you as well. Sanding is smooth.BB: One-piece face generally light and uniform in color. Contact us for a custom wood cutting quote. It's scary ordering wood sight unseen especially when its cut to sizes, but these came well packaged and were well cut with no flaws that would make me reject a board if I were picking them out myself. If you're unsatisfied we want to know so we can fix it. Copyright © 2020 Woodworkers Source | Home | Site Map. For example, if you request a minimum of 4" wide, you will receive boards that are wider than that. Main UsesRussian Birch is commonly used in the construction of drawer boxes. You will be billed for the actual footage that we ship. Baltic Birch is a plywood that is light in color with excellent strength and stability due to core made out of single piece Birch veneers. Subscribe to get woodworking tips and deals sent to your inbox, plus get a $10 coupon on your next order! Plywood panels can have faces and backs of different grades. Century Mill is extremely excited to announce that. You will be able to yield 4" widths. All of our lumber is stocked surfaced on 2 sides - which means the face and back of the boards are good and smooth and the edges are rough sawn. Contact us for a custom quote to cut what you need. That's the way we've done it since 1998 when we first started shipping hardwood lumber to woodworkers all over the world. However, we would be happy to custom cut your sheets if you do need your sheets cut. You choose how you prefer to have them cut, and we'll ship right to your door. 14. So if you still have concerns about what you need and what we can do for you, please call to discuss. Inner cores are solid single piece veneers. Likewise for length requests. See the latest from @CenturyMillLumber on . You may be charged for more wood than you order The boards we select may compute to more footage than you anticipated. The in-store price doesn't include a cutting fee. In short, you may receive slightly more wood than you order and be charged for it., 645 W. Elliot RoadTempe, AZ 85284 Description Description. Custom cutting to other sizes is available! Sheets are 60" x 60" (5' x 5'). Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: If you don't like the wood you receive from us, we'll replace it. 3. Here's how it works: You'll see your savings automatically in your shopping cart. Largest single-location family operated baltic birch hardwood plywood supplier & lumber distributor in Texas. Cut and/or glue your pieces to size in your own shop. A small labor charge for cutting the sheets is included in this price. This gives you the most flexibility for your project needs. But fortunately we have a staff of people who each have knowledge of different specialties. That's why we stand behind our lumber, wood, veneer, and turning stock with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you order 2 board feet of a wood, the board we may need to ship you could be something like 4/4x6-1/2"x49". You can mix and/or match related items to reach the volume prices indicated. 94.7% $42.99 /pack Qty: Cut-To-Ship: Full 5x5 Store Pick Up: 1-4 $42.99 /pack: $35.99 : 5+ $36.54 (15% off) $30.59 × Mix and Match for Volume Pricing. Russian Birch plywood is typically produced with all birch veneers. Buy some lumber, then cut and/or glue your boards to make the sizes you need. When you call or email, you'll talk to a friendly fellow woodworker who understands your concerns and, more importantly, is willing to help. The length or width may be undersized by 1/8", Baltic birch is stocked in 60"x60" sheets, but they can't be shipped in that large size. Working PropertiesPlease note that Russian manufacturers and distributors handle markings as Length x Width (Length is along the long grain side of the panel). We we want you to be happy with your order and our service! Barrhead Building Products Ltd. 6133 - 47th Street, Barrhead, AB Call 780-674-3397 Do You Want To Order Exact Sizes? Looking for material to meet your size demands will add to the amount of time it takes us to pull your order together. Ratings Snapshot 4.7. out of 5. ), FIRE RETARDANT PANELS (Paneles - Triplay retardante de fuego), FSC® (FSC-C009036) CERTIFIED PRODUCT (Productos FSC certificados), MELAMINE WOODGRAIN ROSEBURG (Melamina con textura de madera ROSEBURG), PARTICLE BOARD (Hojas de aserrin prensado), PLYWOOD - SOFTWOOD (Triplay de madera suabe), SPECIALTY COMPOSITES (Hojas de compositos especiales), ALDER PREMIUM FRAME 6 & WIDER - ROUGH RWL, MOULDINGS - PREMANUFACTURED (Molduras - premanufacturadas), LUMBER - SOFTWOOD (Madera - ponderosa pino y SYP), PLANER RIP LINE - S2S SLR1E (Madera lista a 13/16), ALDER PREMIUM FRAME 6 & WIDER - S2S SLR1E, STOCK S4S MOULDINGS (Material dimensional listo), BEADED & DECORATIVE PANELS (hojas beaded - rayadas). 800-423-2450. Due to the limitations of website software, it's best to handle this type of order person-to-person. Yes, that's an awfully expensive proposition -- that's exactly why we work hard to get it right the first time by asking you questions about your projects, being careful with hand selection, and being mindful that you're putting your trust in us to pick out great looking wood that you'll be proud of. That's actually 2.21 board feet, and that's what you will be charged for. Both face and back veneers can have up to 6 small color-matched patches (egg sized footballs or another shape), some light mineral streaks or tight pin knots. Stores     About Us     Email Us     (800) 423-2450 (Call a Store). We can take photos of any of our lumber and send them to you by email, text, or any method you prefer. Phone: (905) 640-2350 Email: 1/2" Baltic Birch Plywood Pack (Choose Your Size) $35.99 to $42.99 /pack. None of the local big box stores carry it and I would have to drive miles to find a vendor. Want different sizes than what' offered online? Both the face and the back veneers are single piece veneers with no splices. But we promise to do it right, and to do it well. Videos, Articles, and Project Photos to Help You Do Woodworking, Approximated, length or width may vary +/- 1/8", 3 Steps To Figure Out How Much Lumber You Need, Understand Wood Toxicity & What You Should Do About It, Wood Moves - Here's What You Need to Know. Thickness; 1/8″ 1/4″ 3/8″ 1/2″ 5/8″ 3/4″ Related products. We stock the sheets in 5’x5′ and 4′ x 8′, mainly in a BB/BB grade. We'll even re-share with our community! Simply stated, we really want you to be happy with what you buy from us. We always contact you first to discuss and make sure you get what you need and are not surprised by additional charges. Because of that, we'll also stand behind your order with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With a grading of BB/BB, this product has a light and uniform colour with allowance for very small sound tight pin knots.

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