While you may want to cut back on shampooing, you should moisturize your hair daily. Solution: Find something that works for you or ask a trusted groomer for their expert opinion. A word of caution about oil, however. Wash your hair with lukewarm water instead because you’ll retain those essential oils. Look for products with natural ingredients. But you have to get to the root! Here are some tips to follow: Perhaps the biggest reason to shampoo less is because of a chemical called sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) found in most off-the-shelf shampoos. All Rights Reserved. On the flip side, it’s OK to use a good conditioner every day (known as co-washing) because it minimizes split ends, tangles, breakage, and it doesn’t strip your hair of all of its natural oils; in fact, it replaces the oils that are washed away and keeps your hair moist. Taking care of yourself is obviously great for your health for a lot of reasons – including that you’ll lessen your risk of suffering from serious issues such as heart disease and obesity – and your hair will also appreciate your positive habits. You’ll find biotin in many supplements and it’s great for hair growth. We all know how excessive exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays can damage skin, but it can damage your hair, as well. The best way to maintain African hair is to only shampoo your hair once a week. Look for shampoos that contain natural oils and other ingredients that hydrate your scalp and hair. There’s plenty of debate about how often you should wash your hair. Be sure to distribute evenly throughout the scalp and hair for best results. Nothing too complicated here; if your hair often feels oily or greasy then you have an oily scalp. You want to take care of your hair. It’s a lot like growing a beard. Don’t do it. (USA Only),     40% Savings, Limit 1/order. Instead, pat dry your hair after you shake out excess water while gently stroking it in the direction it grows. In any case, you may want to scale back a bit regarding how often you wash your hair, and always use gentler shampoos. As mentioned, there’s plenty of debate about whether guys should shampoo every day. And if I shouldn’t wash my hair everyday, what should I do when I’m showering on the days I do not wash my hair? Keep in mind the following tips when taking care of your scalp: Your sleeping habits have an impact on your overall hair health and growth because your body is in repair mode when you’re asleep. That’s especially true of shampoos that contain high levels of detergents and sulfates that strip your scalp and hair of natural oils. Hair Care Tips for Black Men Shampoo less frequently. Sure, you're taking care of your head hair, but what about your parts down below? People who don’t get enough protein in their diet will have slower new hair growth. You want your barber to recommend products and styling tips that help you achieve the look you get from their craft. Because your hair tends to dry out during the day, whether it’s from indoor heating in the winter or from wearing hats in the spring and summer. About a two werks ago i just cut down to only shampooing and conditioning only 3 times a week. The Right Way to Use Bar Soap and its 16 Wonderful Benefits. Explore the world of manscaping with our ultimate guide. Wear loose-fitting hats if possible. Wetting a comb and touching up your hairstyle not only keeps your hair looking neat, but also reactivates most styling products. To simplify things, we put together the ultimate guide to help you take care of your hair and … Please don’t make the awful decision to cover the bare spots on top of your head with a comb-over. Really thanks for sharing this useful post !! One of the best things you can do while growing long hair is to own it. Many of our hair care tips apply to all men, regardless of race. The result is hair that’s dry and brittle. Hydrating at the scalp helps keeps the hair that grows from it soft and (most importantly) easy to style. All comments are moderated before being published. 9. Plus, the results you’ll get from a professional will almost always look better than the results you’ll get doing it yourself. Real Health Magazine recommends applying oil nightly with a 20-minute scalp massage, which helps oils and hair-growth products penetrate the coiled structure of black hair while simultaneously exfoliating the scalp. Hopefully these tips will help you achieve the look you want in a hairstyle but, most importantly, help you to keep your hair as healthy as possible. The chlorine found in swimming pools can easily dry out your hair and cause it to become brittle. Repeat the process if necessary. Make sure you’re staying hydrated if you exercise frequently or live in a warmer climate. Shampoo Less. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes exercise, a balanced diet, and less stress. Here’s a quick primer on hair products that can help you make the right choices for your hair type: One of the great myths about washing your hair is that you need to shampoo it, rinse it, and then repeat the process once more. While you may want to cut back on shampooing, you should moisturize your hair daily. Give your scalp a self-massage once a week because it has many benefits: it promotes good blood flow to the scalp, it soothes nerves and relaxes muscles, and helps keep the scalp pliant. If you have hair that’s naturally oily and may look greasy, you may be resistant to only occasional shampooing. One school of thought says daily washing will eventually dry out your hair, but you’ll want to wash your hair more frequently when you’re growing it out.

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