They share a turbulent history of defending the Catholic realms of the Holy Land, but each made its influence felt throughout all of medieval Christendom in different ways. The Teutonic Order starts bordering Wolgast in the west, Poland in the south, Lithuania in the east, and Livonian Order to the north-east. Add new page. A religious military order (Latin: militaris ordinis) is a Christian religious society of knights.The original military orders were the Knights Templar, the Knights Hospitaller and the Teutonic Knights.They arose in the Middle Ages in association with the Crusades, their members being dedicated to the protection of pilgrims and the defence of the Crusader states. Their exclave Neumark shares borders with Brandenburg, Wolgast, Stettin, and Poland.Across the Baltic Sea lie Sweden and Denmark.. Teutonic Knights — leaders, officers, and members of the medieval Teutonic Order; and those who fought for them. Search Sign In Don't have an account? The Livonian Brothers of the Sword controlling Terra Mariana were incorporated into the Teutonic Order as its autonomous branch Livonian Order in 1237. The Teutonic Order was one of the three great military orders of the Middle Ages, its two equals being the Knights Tempar and the Knights Hospitaller. Coat of arms of the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order. Urban, an expert in Baltic and East European history, has given us a comprehensive account of the rise and fall of a great military order. The shift of sovereignty from Denmark to the Teutonic Order took place on 1 November 1346. In 1346, the Duchy of Estonia was sold by the King of Denmark for 19,000 Köln marks to the Teutonic Order. The grand master (German language: Hochmeister; Latin language: Magister generalis) is the holder of the supreme office of the Teutonic Order.It is equivalent to the grand master of other military orders and the superior general in non-military Roman Catholic religious orders. FANDOM. Register Military. 278,229 Pages.

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