Available in several sizes. They were usually constructed from plastic and cheap pot metal and paired with a very basic reel. Those ring you see attached to the blank of your rod? Fiberglass is still a common component, but there will be hybrids with carbon fiber on shelves. Why can’t I find a telescoping fishing rod produced by a major name brand in stores? With a telescoping rod, you never need to re-rig, your rod is always strung up and ready to go when you are. Although many entry-level and mid-range telescoping fishing rods are often paired with a basic reel in a set, we recommend purchasing a telescopic rod by itself and adding a better quality reel that fits securely in the. Can you imagine? ​Reinforced eyelets on these rods have graphite blank construction, with aluminum oxide guide inserts as mentioned earlier. ​We would want our telescopic pole to be lighter than the traditional rods.​ The whole point of purchasing a telescopic rod is the convenience that it offers while traveling and storing it. 5’6”, which is a bit short for most anglers.​ ​Now we don't expect it to perform like the premium rods but we definitely think it is good enough to be taken regularly with you. ​When considering the length of a telescopic rod, there are two main numbers that you should be concerned with. An optimal number of guides in telescopic rods give us leverage against tough fishes by evenly distributing its weight throughout the line and thus reducing pressure on the reel. Providing awesome products at unbelievably low prices that put its competitors to shame. Its sturdy design is meant to serve you for a long time. ​Even when you are in the middle of a tough fight where the setup is under a lot of load, the reel sits tightly in its place. The rod is one of the most durable and robust fishing tackles that we've ever come across at such a price. In fact, it is still the favorite telescopic rod of many anglers. This time, we will review the KastKing Compass telescopic fishing rod, which is among the most affordable rods in this list. ​Again, this rod is in the high-price segment of fishing rods but that is justified by their use of premium materials and their impressive performance. The rod's Unique Carbon Fiber Matrix gives the Troutboy Black Warrior an advantage in terms of its sensitivity especially against freshwater fishes with artificial lures. Now, you club that trust with a low price and you will clearly see why this rod is so popular. ​During our tests, it was easily able to handle a 10lbs fish and this heavy weighing capacity can be accredited to its elastic features and the use of carbon fiber. Anything else won't be as good and in fact a risk to take. Telescopic rods are so easy to store and carry around.. Portable fishing rods are a gift to the angling community from Everett Horton, a mechanic from Bristol, who was the first to patent a fishing rod made from telescopic steel tubes. ​Well, let us give you a surprise here. As each segment of the pole is extended, the tapered blanks form a tight bond with each other. The blanks should have stainless steel guides, along with ceramic or smooth metal inserts. What remains is your choice. As they can easily fit in a backpack, kayak, luggage, or the back of your car, these rods have made a mark in the wide variety of fishing rods available today. Plusinno Telescopic Fishing Rod. Anglers who plan on fishing for smaller fish from lakes or streams generally need a telescoping rod with less power than those who plan on beach casting or deep saltwater fishing. Consider the size of the target fish when selecting a telescoping rod. And if you have any suggestions or queries related to the articles or the website, feel free to ask. And before we part, here is the underlying truth you should always know. ​Since then, these rods have come a long way from being junky metal clunks to the efficient fishing tackles that offer maximum portability. Graphite is a form of carbon that is used in many high-end traditional sport fishing rods. However, it is mostly used on entry-level to mid-range telescoping rods because of its slow action and heavy weight. It is safe to declare KastKing Compass Telescopic Fishing Rod the best fishing rod for beginners. ​One small pointer for you though. Anglers who plan on fishing for smaller fish from lakes or streams generally need a telescoping rod with less power than those who plan on beach casting or deep saltwater fishing. ​Offers a lot of value at a reasonable price. We also like the anodized aluminum reel seat for saltwater fishing. We were largely right in our assumption but after using this rod, ​Those Tenkara rods are usually very expensive and even then most of us can never be sure that our strike rate has improved significantly just like those manufacturers promise and here this rod has actually shown us 10x results! The EVA grips we told you about are kind of, ​The rod is pretty stout and compact in its collapsed state which makes them portable and easy for you to carry around. Still, it is important to understand how were we able to arrive at these star ratings and how these rods scored in different departments. Whereas a short rod is helpful in situations where there isn't much space around for rod movement like a place with lots of vegetation around. In case you feel that we have missed something or did not list a collapsible rod which you feel is incredible, kindly contact us and tell about the same. ​​We have done an in-depth detailed analysis of the various rods listed in the table above. With the Sougayilang Telescopic Rods, expect to carry around a little more weight in comparison to other fishing rods. Now, this topic can have a book written on it but we will still try to cover the important aspects in brief.​. ​​Still, the rod is easily retractable and compact as we can fit it almost anywhere. Maybe they will be introduced in the future, who knows? We get a consistent and smooth taper throughout the rod which in turn is helpful in eliminating dead-flat spots on the rod blank. The total number of blanks can vary from model to model. This is the estimated strength of the rod during use, and is largely determined by the first blank past the reel seat. ​Well, let us give you a surprise here. Now we said primarily out of graphite, which means we have some generous addition of high-density elastic carbon fiber and fiberglass too which makes the rod strong, reliable and durable.​ ​You can tackle those big fishes without any problem.​ Further, the body has high tensile strength plastic​ which is known to increase the rod power. ​These rods have an ultralight body which makes them super comfortable when you are actually using them.​Courtesy of the telescopic design, it just measures around 97cm when in a collapsed state, which makes them perfect for carrying around on all your fishing trips.​. There is usually no locking mechanism to hold the blanks in position, just friction. Comfortable to hold. But fret not! Anything else won't be as good and in fact a risk to take. The length of the pole can affect the distance and accuracy of a cast. Easy to mount a reel onto it. The beauty of choosing the best fishing rod takes you a long way – it teaches you to enjoy the fishing process by up to several points. Comes with an attached protective end cap. All in all, this will be a good buy for freshwater fishing, shore fishing, fisheries in the reef, freshwater bass trout fishing, saltwater surf fishing and/or inshore fishing. An inexpensive telescoping rod and reel set may be acceptable for beginning anglers who aren’t ready to invest in high performance fishing gear, but quite often the reel is of inferior quality. Considering all the facts we have reviewed some of the best collapsible fishing rods for your ease.

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