The AR-51 itself is housed in a handsome, velvet-lined wooden box with sturdy latches; the box has the same look and finish as the one shipped with their Ela M 251 reproduction (Tape Op #34). NY Factory' tubes for the output stage. The Cascade DR-2 is a passive, dual-ribbon design with a symmetrical figure-of-8 pickup pattern. On day one of tracking with the 500PRE, I first set it up with a Telefunken M82 [#102] on snare drum. Telefunken were set up in Berlin as a collaboration between Siemens & Halske and the General Electricity Company and by 1939 the parent company had a staff of over 23,000 workers. The Telefunken AR 51 is an affordably priced large diaphragm tube condenser microphone, and a part of Telefunken's R-F-T line. The Telefunken EF86'Gray Shield' tubes are perfectly matched and have finer detail over the original MP-2A tubes. The tubes are in fantastic condition, with less than 20 hours use. In 1941 AEG bought Siemens & Halske, and in 1967 Telefunken were merged with AEG and the company renamed AEG-Telefunken. Warm Audio. The microphone uses the amplifier circuit design of the world reknowned and extremely valuable Telefunken Elam 251 E and the C12 , but uses an offshore capsule and power supply in order to meet this affordable price point. Massive Tube SDC Review AKG D12VR and Telefunken M82 Kick Drum Mic Review Internal kick-drum microphone mounts Shure Beta Drum Mic Review. Personally, I love the sound you get with it. It has two EQ switches to boost both low and high frequencies depending on your recording needs. Posted in … I'd never really used tube preamps on close drum mics in the past, but having heard the way the 500PRE could ease into gentle harmonic grit and unobtrusive limiting I wanted to hear how that translated on a much more transient-heavy source. Unlike offset ribbon designs, this microphone produces equal (but out-of-phase) response from the front and back sides of the motor, making it useful as the “side” channel in a … Telefunken makes excellent microphones and this little guy is great. (Telefunken offers a leather-bound latching flight case for $149.) The Telefunken M82 is another mic that is great for both kick drums and vocals. Gearslutz member'Bowie' can verify this- he handpicked them for me! One look at their vintage-style gear, and Warm Audio's mission becomes absolutely clear: to make classic studio processors available to everyone at an amazingly affordable price. The value of these tubes alone is a little over $500. Heil PR-40

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