You’ll get it from the Taylor GS Mini acoustic guitar. With a body depth of 4-7/16", the GS Mini delivers a comfortable playing experience and the full sound of a standard-sized guitar. The Big Baby can also be a great choice, though for somewhat different reasons. We can't guarantee correctness and completeness of all the data presented here, and therefore will not accept liability for any issues arising from usage of this data. So, you might roll your eyes or raise your eyebrows when you hear or see a cheaper Martin or Taylor guitar. For younger kids, however, maybe the Big Baby is just too big for them. The neck of the Big Baby combined with the Elixir strings offers better playability. It has a smaller scale length, so it’s very easy to form chords. Since it has an HPL body, rather than wood, it’s pretty sturdy, too. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Taylor GS Mini Mahogany is a more popular acoustic guitar, based on its 200+ reviews. Martin released four different categories of the Little Martin — LXM, LXK2, LX1, and the Ed Sheeran Special — with a total of seven models. Why don’t you check it’s sound through this YouTube video? So Taylor GS Mini Mahogany tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than Taylor Guitars Big Baby Taylor, as seen on the chart below. When comparing two or more guitars, it’s very important to see the difference right away. Since these three seem popular, one of them will surely be the best guitar for your kids. Despite the compact dimensions, Taylor has not skimped on the quality or tone in any manner. It has a more natural feel with a full-sized scale length. As you can see, both Taylor Big Baby and GS Mini have almost the same specs, except for the neck material, scale length and a few more things. A kiddy guitar that sounds so much better, the Taylor Big Baby could be your next guitar or your kid’s. So, with its solid Spruce top, you’ll get a deeper and warmer projection, something you expect, even from a full-sized dreadnought. All Trademarks and Copyrights belong to their respective owners. Yet, if you need an affordable and handy guitar, get a Little Martin. Speaking of its fuller volume, this can be attributed to its arched back design, like the Baby Taylor. Though smaller than a regular guitar, it has excellent craftsmanship designed to produce great sound even when played unplugged. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Check it’s sound compared to the GS Mini through this YouTube video: Now, the Big Baby will surely surprise you with its bass and punchy tone. You don’t need to play them to compare their specifications and features. It has a smaller scale length compared to the Big Baby. It will take another article to discuss each, so this article will only focus on the most common ¾-size Little Martin, the LX1. Instead of the overall 16-inch length, it only has 15 inches. They have years of experience, and they are the best in the industry, provided that they have been the trusted guitar brands for different artists. Now, after checking their differences and similarities in terms of materials used, nut width and other specifications, you should know which among the three is better when played. Of course, one of its strengths is it's slightly smaller size, making it great for when you need a "real" guitar but size is a major consideration. It offers more volume and wide dynamic range. It has a bright and smooth sound with better sustain and response like the high-end Taylors. Looking for a Taylor quality in a smaller guitar? There’s no right or wrong small guitar for your kids. The back and sides are made with three-layered Sapele laminate. You can easily spot their similarities and differences based on the table below. This also makes tuning quick and fantastic. I have a Baby, GS Mini and a Big Baby and the Big Baby … On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Taylor GS Mini-e Koa is a more popular guitar, … The data presented is for information purposes only. Each guitar is great for different types of players. Big Baby vs GS Mini General Acoustic Guitar Discussion. Of course, there should be a price comparison after for additional reference. The Baby Taylor had a great sound quality for its small size (and the mahogany face made it less trebly, more mellow. Also, you can get that crisp, bright and clear ring because of the solid top material. Though it has a shorter scale length, not as short as the Little Martin, it’s easier to adjust from full-sized Taylor Big Bay to GS Mini. This website displays data from third party public sources. All these guitars are handy and are a great company whenever you go camping, out of town or just jamming in your apartment. It’s durable and fun to play, more like a “pick up and play” type of guitar that lets you jam anywhere. So, in the next section, you’ll know which among the three is designed to give you better playability. The laminate back and sides, on the other hand, adds durability and protection to the Taylor Big Baby. They share nearly everything – from the premium craftsmanship to the features. The Little Martin, on the other hand, seems to be using HPL and Richlite, rather than wood. Sonically, the GS Mini … Of, course, an affordable guitar from either of these two makers will only mean that it’s a mini or a travel guitar. It belongs to the Little Martin LX series, which is so far the best guitar for kids in the series. It only has a light coating of varnish, so it won’t lose its richness and projection, like a full-sized dreadnought. However, if you want a deeper and a booming response of a full-scale guitar, you should get a Taylor Big Baby. Lastly, the GS Mini has a slim neck with low action. Definitely not a toy and kids will surely learn a lot from this small guitar. The cheapest of them all is the Little Martin. It seems to be a bit bigger for kids, compared to a GS Mini. So, for you to better understand each guitar, this article talks about their similarities and differences in terms of size, build quality, sound, and playability. I tend to hunch over my Baby Taylor when i no I play it for long periods. The overall size still makes it portable, without compromising its big tonal output. So what do you need? Martin and Taylor guitars are great brands when it comes to acoustic guitars. This is expected since both of them are travel-sized guitars and manufactured by the same company. So Taylor GS Mini-e Koa tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than Taylor Big Baby, as seen on the chart below. In the sound department, the Little Martin has a bright and warm tone. Taylor Big Baby is not only a choice for kids, but adults, too, especially those who want to have a smaller and handier guitar. Sitka Spruce top offers a perfect blend between stiffness and elasticity to provide a broader dynamic range. But, since the GS Mini is a mini, well a ¾-size guitar, you are getting it at a price that fits your budget. For a veteran or a child who wants to really play, a GS Mini will be great. Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Acoustic Guitar Product Review, Taylor GS Mini Mahogany Acoustic Guitar Review, We couldn't find any video reviews for Taylor Guitars Big Baby Taylor yet. If you have heard of a Baby Taylor, this is its bigger, yet younger brother. As Taylor describes it, it’s a ‘do it all’ type of guitar with rich bass and strong mids. Little Martin vs Taylor Big Baby vs GS Mini: Which is Best for Kids? It’s also the best-sounding guitar among the three. From the quality construction to sturdy design, you are assured that you have a very reliable guitar wherever you go. Of the two I think that the GS Mini would be be more gratifying over the long haul because it sounds bigger and feels better in your lap. But, when they do, perhaps, the best thing to do is to grab the opportunity. Aside from that, it’s also resilient to temperature changes and humidity. If you love a grand symphony guitar, then the Taylor GS Mini could be the one for you. The GS Mini was a step up in quality of sound output (still not equal with a full size guitar), was slightly larger and cost $150 more. With the Sitka Spruce top, you can have a more dynamic tonal response. So Taylor GS Mini Mahogany tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than Taylor Guitars Big Baby Taylor, as seen on the chart below. Taylor GS-Mini Overview: The GS Mini is an ultra-portable travel-friendly mini guitar with a rich dynamic range, good sustain and tonal clarity at an affordable price. Simply because it uses HPL materials. And, speaking of travel guitars or best guitars for your kids, it’s always a comparison of the Little Martin vs Taylor Big Baby vs GS Mini. If you search the internet for the best guitars for kids or best travel guitars, it’ll all come down to the debate of the Little Martin vs Taylor Big Baby vs GS Mini. It’s quite smaller than the Taylor Big Baby and it has more articulated sound. It has an ebony fretboard and bridge for the guitar to be more stable, compact and better-sounding.

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