had wanted to buy a Epiphone PR-5E but when I tried out the BBT-e right next to it, i changed my mind immediately. Our Verdict. The body rests nicely on your legs and feels very light, especially if you are used to playing full-body guitars. I also own several other guitars, electric and acoustic, and have no problem going from my mini to the dreadnought. The quality of the Big Baby is not much better than other $400 guitars. It has great craftsmanship, premium quality products, and is built to withstand many songs and chords. Yes the Taylor BBB-e is more than twice the price of the Epiphone but the Taylor sounds more than twice as good. The unexpected success of this guitar was a catalyst for Taylor deciding to respond with a larger, high-quality version of the Baby Taylor. The top of the Big Baby is comprised from solid Sitka spruce, while the sides and back are laminate. This guitar is thinner and easier to use, which means the sound is also thinner and smaller. So it comes as no surprise that the Big Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar is another high-quality, well-built instrument that sounds good. A This makes it easier to play for younger players and people with smaller arms and hands. It isn’t the best guitar on the market when describing sound but there are no complaints about the playability. It is a flat finish, therefore leaving the INCREDIBLY SOFT wood that this guitar is made of (feels almost luke a rashly thin, cheap, particle board). While this guitar doesn’t have the heaviness and expensive feel the big-bodied Taylor guitars have, this guitar still has that unique ‘Taylor Guitar” feel to it. I own one (specifically the Taylor 310ce) and I love it. Played a few Martin’s followed by a Gibson then a Taylor 210. Besides that, this guitar has an amazing appearance that basically astonishes almost anyone. You can fill the deep scratches with thick superglue, then scrape with a razor blade (use blue tape on the blade to protect the guitar except for 1/2 inch in the center)until flat. In technical terms, it is a 15/16 size guitar. Can you recommend a checklist for ensuring the integrity of the neck and soundboard prior to loosening or tightening strings, etc….? Most Taylor guitars range between $1,000 – $2,000, well above the budget of most people looking to buy a beginner acoustic guitar. Since the model is made for junior players and people with small hands (we also. Everybody will enjoy their time playing the Big Baby Taylor Guitar. Nothing wrong with the Big Baby. CMUSE even named the Big Baby Taylor Guitar the third-best Taylor guitar to buy in 2019. It just sounds so rich and crisp. Yes, they do have thin, satin kind of finish, but that’s why they sound so great. One of the original Baby's unique features was its neck joint. The Big Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar doesn’t have any electronics and cannot be plugged into a speaker or amplifier. This guitar (along with their other guitars) is constructed just over the Mexico border in a high-tech, well-established Taylor plant. As for price, the Baby Taylor packs a mid-level tag. Despite having a smaller body than most full-size guitars, the Taylor Big Baby packs an incredible sound. The the price tag is not overly expensive (especially for a Taylor product) but it’s also not cheap. Even when I first bought it the sound quality and volume blew me away. The playability factor is what really makes this guitar as good as it is and why it has received such good reviews. Even so, this is an instrument for beginners and kids, so I’m keeping this Baby Taylor review … You can have shiny and hard, polyurethane finish for half price of the Taylor if you like, but it will kill the sound. Because the neck of the guitar attaches to the body without the traditional heel, players have easier access to the higher register. Big Baby Taylor is the ideal beginner guitar, especially for younger person or smaller/petite size lady. Anyway, that’s my opinion and it’s worth exactly what you paid for it looking to buy a beginner acoustic guitar, Larrivée Guitars Review: Pros and Cons | Guitar Adventures, Washburn D10S Review | An Unbiased Look | Guitar Adventures, Yamaha FG700S Acoustic Guitar Review | Guitar Adventures, 5 Lessons Learned from Buying a Knock-Off Taylor Guitar, FAQ – Frequently Asked Beginner Guitarist Questions. Josh, you should scratch that second con. Is it for jumbo players or is it for juniors? Yet, the Baby Taylor is an incredibly popular guitar as it packs the kind of quality we expect from the US brand. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It is distinct and, considering the size of it, very thick. Your email address will not be published. Besides that, guitars are meant for playing music, NOT SCRATCHING Lol…, I have had my GS Mini Taylor, essentially the Baby Taylor, for several years now and it doesn’t have a scratch on it. The Big Baby's neck is almost identical except for some internal modifications to the neck block. I.e. Make sure that seller does proper set-up before you buy it. P.S. It delivers a deep bass while still maintaining the midrange and treble. For more info check our Affiliate Disclosure page. That doesn’t mean it sounds bad when you strum it, but it sounds really crisp when you use it for fingerpicking. As consumers, we appreciate that consistent reliability and will pay more for a Taylor guitar because of it. The Taylor Big Baby is a basic and simple guitar; it’s a quality choice in a guitar if you’re looking to only have a moderate spending trip.. The “action” of the Big Baby (defined as the distance between the string and the neck at the 12th fret) is much better than most beginner guitars, which means that it is easier for fingers to play.

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