Charles Tanqueray's 1835 recipe of Old Tom Gin – a classic sweeter style of gin. Tanqueray Rangpur is named for the citrusy hybrid fruit that it’s made with. Tanqueray Gin, tequila, sugar, Bacardi Rum, sprite, triple sec and 3 more Gin and Tonic Cheesecake Fast Moving lemon jelly, water, tonic, condensed milk, lemon, cream cheese and 6 more As a straight pour into tonic water, Rangpur … The botanicals include juniper, angelica root, coriander and liquorice – the same recipe as for their … Lemon-lime-citrus is the substantially predominant flavor in Rangpur, with a hint of ginger and almost no trace of juniper. Recipe : Gin & Tonic with Tanqueray Rangpur (Drink it, ’nuff said) 50 ml Tanqueray Rangpur 200 ml fever Tree Mediterranean Lemon wheel Orange bitter, slice of ginger and fresh bay … Ingredients Tanqueray Old Tom . Rangpur Cran Nov 9, 2008 This gin-and-cranberry concoction gets its distinctive flavor from Tanqueray Rangpur gin, which is distilled with exotic, juicy Rangpur limes. Recipe By: "The renowned flavor of Tanqueray(R) London dry gin gains added mixability by the added distillation of Rangpur limes - which are actually orange." Tanqueray Rangpur.

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