(7) In a small bowl, place two tangerine segments and one blood orange segment. nartjie, mandaryn, nartjieboom Afrikaans Discuss this Tangerine English translation with the community: tangerine vertaling in die woordeboek is Engels - Afrikaans Glosbe, online woordeboek, gratis. Afrikaans Translation. How to say tangerine in Afrikaans. (3) The court heard that an employee who was on the estate at 6 pm on February 6, 2004, noticed a tangerine tree shaking. Also find spoken Watching TV shows is a great way to learn casual English, slang words, understand culture reference and humor. tangerine translation in English-Afrikaans dictionary. naartjie Find more words! (15) A lovely morning for football, the men in tangerine had to play the whole second period of the game with only ten players. (9) Arrange the lemon, tangerine , and blood orange segments on top and around the mousse cake. The best way to learn proper English is to read news report, and watch news on TV. and I intend to confront them. (8) Blossoms are vibrant in bouquets too, especially when they're mixed in shades of deep orange-red, tangerine , and peach. This page provides all possible translations of the word Tangerine in the Afrikaans language. Published at: Sunday 29th of November 2020, Published at: Saturday 28th of November 2020, Published at: Friday 27th of November 2020, Published at: Thursday 26th of November 2020, Published at: Wednesday 25th of November 2020, (2) any of various deep orange mandarins grown in the United States and southern Africa. (14) I wanted to pop him in my pocket and take him home with me - he would, I think, look an absolute dear with a crew-cut, perhaps in shorts and a tight-fitting polo neck in mauve or tangerine . Words by Category. I'm just not getting TANGERINE chicken. I like TANGERINE chicken. (16) Her tangerine -colored gown went down to the floor and had a slit on the side that went up to her thighs. If you have already watched these shows then you may recall the words used in the following dialogs. (11) The three of them got up and went into the dining room, a bright pink mixed with tangerine orange. Afrikaans to English Dictionary Read Text Browse Words Favorite Words Learn Words Vocabulary Games. of tangerine in Afrikaans language. English to Afrikaans Dictionary. pronunciation of tangerine in Afrikaans and in English What tangerine means in Afrikaans, tangerine meaning in Afrikaans, tangerine definition, examples and pronunciation of tangerine in Afrikaans language. Cookies help us deliver our services. (5) They're wearing tangerine , we're wearing dark blue. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Kyk na milions woorde en frases in alle tale. (4) In his kitchen - a tangerine tree and redolent jasmine that he planted just outside - he seems a little sad, beaten. (13) The restaurant area is aglow with vibrant shades of turquoise and tangerine , while huge candles drip waxen stalactites down one wall. (10) He viewed it as if etched into the vigor of late August trees and the tangerine sunsets that became so common and came so soon as the fall winds approached. ...as TANGERINE chicken, (12) The Clementine orange is a type of mandarin orange, a tangerine , that has become more popular than the Satsuma orange. (1) Now there is no denying some people don't suit certain colours ever, and in fairness some colours don't suit people ever viz. Meaning and definitions of tangerine, translation in Afrikaans language for tangerine with similar and opposite words. What tangerine means in Afrikaans, tangerine meaning in Afrikaans, tangerine definition, examples and pronunciation (6) She glides into the room - immaculately attired in pink and grey, one long earring dangling like a silver icicle from her right ear, tangerine hair tumbling halfway down her back - and curls up on the sofa. tangerine (but that is another story) so be careful. (2) This spring and summer, white and cream colour schemes are accessorised with fruity colours such as tangerine , pink and lime green. language.

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