Has there ever been a song more inconsequential? It was inspired by something lead singer Gabriele Kerner witnessed at a Rolling Stones concert in West Berlin during their Tattoo You tour. Luckily, the Village People decided there was "no way we can do this seriously" and ended up recording the campy, lighthearted version instead. Turns out, Rosie wasn't even meant to be a person at all. Not really. "Whoa my nights are so long," Simon sings. But in the authorized Nirvana biography Come As You Are, Cobain was pretty clear about the song's meaning, explaining that it's about "little kids with cancer. ", 7 There are even stories that Collins found the man in question, invited him to a show and then singled him out in front of a sold-out audience, announcing that, But none of this is true, according to Collins. Say what? Don't hang up,'" Collins said. "Rich Girl" by Hall & Oates. Ecuador and he wasn't exactly happy about it. "Whoa my nights are so long," Simon sings. Wait, what? And I thought to myself, 'Jump.' Just like that, the song that always made us smile because it was silly good fun has become the most depressing song about suicide ever recorded. But listen again and you'll realize it's actually told from the point-of-view of a stalker. Jim Steinman, the guy who penned "Total Eclipse of the Heart" for Bonnie Tyler, says the song's original title was "Vampires in Love" and if you listen carefully to the lyrics, "they're really like vampire lines," he says. "Sometimes it's like, 'I love you. Anytime we hear the song, we automatically think of that video with Chevy Chase, where he hilariously lip syncs next to a miserable-looking Paul Simon. "Obviously, because Daryl is really smart, he realized that 'Rich Girl' sounded better than 'Rich Guy.'". "99 Luftballons" by Nena. What is that all about? His girlfriend was moving to. The record execs were not impressed, and purportedly told Mellencamp, "Whoa, can't you make him something other than that?". "Jeans Guy" is our new favorite character. There was a whole crowd of people in the parking lot downstairs, yelling 'Don't jump, don't jump.' "This is really a song about race relationships and a white girl being with a black guy, and that's what the song's about," Mellencamp said he explained to his record company in 1982. Lead singer Paul Stanley admitted that the the song wasn't all fist-bumping rock celebration, but was actually inspired by a real KISS fan who died in a car crash, hitting a truck in a head-on collision while speeding to make it to a show on time. We're afraid to ask. The part that most people remember about this song is the "sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground" line, which sure does sound like a fatal plane crash. Some have suggested that it's about the band feeling fractured, or the Edge's marital problems, or Bono's memories of his troubled relationship with his dad after the death of his mom. Here are 30 examples of beloved pop songs that aren't actually about what you think they're about. Rumor has it that "Wonderful Tonight" was written when Boyd and Clapton were getting ready to attend a party hosted by friends Paul and Linda McCartney, a celebration of Buddy Holly's birthday. of Cracklin' Rosie wine, though it was never as popular as the song. C'mon, it's a song about balloons… Ninety-nine balloons! We're not sure if that gives a new meaning to the "only a motion away" line, but we're not sure what to think anymore. "Jump" by Van Halen. "I saw a cartoon picture of these trees carrying on like fools," Peart said. I'll pick a word and I'll pin an idea to that." Taylor was name-dropping his former band, The Flying Machines, which ended in less than amicable terms. And yet, for the end of time, this song will be included in montages trying to be wistfully nostalgic and romantic, in which the "Good Riddance" part will be ignored and the "I hope you had the time of your life" line will be repeated without bitterness. This may be the most shocking revelation of this list. The first song on Destroyer, arguably KISS's best album, is widely considered a party anthem and a tribute to the city of Detroit. The flesh and blood subject of "Rich Girl" was a guy named Victor Walker, an ex-boyfriend of a friend of Hall and Oates, whose dad owned fifteen KFC franchises. 1 See also Liberian folk songs songs with syncopation songs with Orff arrangements YouTube Extras for Plus Members (or available for purchase … Take Time in Life Read More » Everything about this catchy one-hit wonder sounds like '80s synthesizer fluff. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. As he explained in a, interview, the song was about his divorce. "Heart-Shaped Box" by Nirvana, There've been some wild claims about what troubled genius Kurt Cobain was trying to say with this song's bizarre lyrics. "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt, James Blunt didn't mince words when explaining his reaction to fans who think "You're Beautiful" is a romantic ballad.

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