Obviously its not as nimble as the sports 600s but still gives them a run for their money. The Bandit 650 is a good, honest, straightforward and 'no frills' machine. Love it to bits and reckon even more fun than my last Z750s, albeit not quite as fast. Riding too many years, had about 5 years doing classics, now had to go for longer comuting, decided on the suzuki sa, it gave me some wind protection, and being short in the leg seat height was good for me, i think its a great bike done 700 miles in 3 weeks. Moto Vision, tout pour équiper votre moto SUZUKI gsf bandit 650 ! Suzuki a redonné il y a quelque temps un petit coup de lifting à son roadster fétiche : la Bandit. De Bandit 650 is overigens met ABS leverbaar, om het motorrijden nog nèt wat veiliger te maken. opnemen met verkopers, inloggen of beheren van uw voertuigen voor de verkoop. Suzuki won't help you most likely after you've paid the bike and none of the problems I had with the bike within the two first years have been covered by the warranty. My first big bike after using a 125cc for a few months. Suzuki won't help you most likely after you've paid the bike and none of the problems I had with the bike within the two first years have been covered by the warranty so doesn't make sense to take it to authorised garages that are a rip off. Geldig voor maximaal 30 dagen. Quite simply one of the best bikes I have ever owned. I find the handling to be fairly neutral. Suspension set-up is good, brakes are rather average though. It's smoother than either of the previous bikes, almost as quick as the GSR and more comfortable too, especially two up. 32.99 € 51.95 € En stock . 845898), for the SUZUKI GSF650 BANDIT (2007 - 2012), Suzuki GSF650 Bandit motorcycle review - Riding, Suzuki GSF650 Bandit motorcycle review - Side view, Suzuki GSF650 Bandit motorcycle review - Instruments, Suzuki GSF650 Bandit motorcycle review - Rear view, Suzuki GSF650 Bandit motorcycle review - Top view, Suzuki GSF650 Bandit motorcycle review - Front view, Read more about the full SUZUKI Bandit range. Deze prijs was minimaal 14 dagen online, voordat het is verlaagd. The problems come after the winter when all the corrosion appears on the bike even if you clean it regularly and use a cover. VAT no 918 5617 01 Stock exhaust sounds good too. I had a break from biking for 2years previously had a 1200 bandit so I was prepared to be disappointed. The gearbox is rubbish as well. For the money I paid, I love the bike. Before you even get aboard it looks fantastic and has the appearance of a much bigger 1 litre bike (indeed it looks almost identical and has similar dimensions to its 1255cc bigger brother). The Suzuki GSF650 Bandit is incredibly versatile at touring, learning, back lane scratching and even pulling a few tricks for amazed on-lookers, all for a very reasonable price. You can certainly feel the power in the engine and (I’m told) 120mph and beyond is achieved with ease! Sinds 2015 heeft Suzuki de Bandit 650 weer in het actieve programma opgenomen. Fantastic motorbike, bulletproof. Voor het A2-rijbewijs is er helaas niet gekozen voor een 35kW-kit, omdat dit teveel moeite kost en … I've added a double bubble screen to try to reduce windblast as I'm 6'3" it hasn't reduced it but it is more stable with less buffeting at speed. But on the open, a pleasure to ride. The bike is in some ways great. The bike is in some ways great. If they continue and Warrany won't cover, then bike will be history and I move brands. The problems come after the winter when all the corrosion appears on the bike even if you clean it regularly and use a cover. Other than the poor Suzuki service and some quality issues the bike is a good choice. Nous vous suggérons de la modifier pour recevoir correctement les alertes mais aussi pour retrouver votre mot de passe oublié. , and today while washing the bike the paint on the rear wheel literally peeled off in front of my eyes! It is cheaper to service my car (Citroen C4) at a main dealer than it is to service the Bandit at a Suzuki dealer! Highly recommended. Minstens 5% korting op nieuwe en tweedehands auto’s. Choose the bandit mainly on looks and the ABS as i knew nought about bikes when i first passed, and have never regreted it. After an enforced break due to children, it's great to be back on two wheels again. All that for 6000 euros...top value/money score. Essai sur 1500 kilomètres. Had the K7 version for a few years. This bike is literally built like a tank! So far I am pleasently surprised, abs has been good in the snow and the handling and power delivery is good and honest. Power is good and engine is strong. It was out with the carbs and in with the all-new fuel injection, it’s also now water-cooled. It can currently pull away in 4th, so reckon there is scope to increase the gearing a bit. Also be aware if you plan on doing high mileage, the servicing costs are astronomical and need doing every 4000 miles. Plus fun pour la naked, plus classieux pour la routière. Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below. GlanBandit. Insurance-friendly too. But she has never missed a beat and always starts on the button every time. Tyres last around 5-6000 miles, and the original chain lasted just under 12000 miles by the skin of it's teeth! There are plenty of good used examples out there - the great, bargain all-rounders they always were. Suzuki GSF 650 Bandit 2005 -47% . The motor is creamy smooth from idle and revs quickly and cleanly letting you tear up to 12,000rpm if you feel that way inclined, though many owners never will. I was advised at the 8000 mile service it was on it's way out. So good thinking of selling and now looking for something the same but new and up to date. Returned to Biking a couple of years ago and started with a GS500F which kept going back to dealer under warranty. Digital speedo and odometer, analogue rev counter, fuel gauge, grab rail and ABS on some models. Vanaf heden ook proefrit aan huis mogelijk. Easy to maintain and repair too. It will certainly do me for a while yet as the trade in value is not great but the bike still is and it does everything I expect from this class of bike and more. Suzuki GSF 650 Bandit 2005. Pièces de Châssis. Les versions N et S sont légèrement remaniées, surtout au niveau de l’habillage. Hardly needed any maintenance other than the usual oil change and lubrication. Chaînes et Pignons. All Suzuki Bandit 650S motorcycle specs. The only thing i'm not very keen on is the bazooka sized standard exhaust. Suspension has been played around with on the Suzuki GSF650 Bandit, giving stiffer rear shock but slightly softer front end. Plan to change to a 17tooth front sprocket, so will hopefully reach 70mpg without ruining the accelleration too much. Find a Suzuki GSF650 Bandit for sale. As the bike is a little heavy running costs can be a little high but the bike is not too bad running around 40-50 mph. I'd advise the fitting of a scottoiler and a double-bubble screen, but apart from that there's not a lot wrong with it. The classifieds are full of used and abused Bandits that have either been dropped or neglected by novices or caned and crashed by hooligans. Bagagerie Moto. I have been riding bikes for 35 years and the last 2 bikes I owned were a 2004 600 bandit, which was an excellent bike, and a 2006 GSR600 which I loved but it got written off in August by a moron in a vw golf, so got the new 650 bandit as soon as the cast was off my left wrist. Accessoires Moto. Never let me down. But for the majority of riders it does everything you need to it in a superbly refined and enjoyable way and for the money your smile will get bigger and bigger the more you ride it. Möchten Sie neue Suchergebnisse zu Ihrer Suche erhalten? I am quickly heading for 10k miles but with a 160 mile round commute no wonder! One of the cheaper motorcycles above 600cc to own, thanks to its great reliability. AutoScout24 Nederland B.V. Dealer did cover cost first time, but since then I have had to cover as Suzuki GB apparently indicated not a warranty issue! The Suzuki GSF650 Bandit's engine evolved in 2007 into a 650 with ever stricter emissions laws putting pay to the old GSX-R600-derived air/oil-cooled motor and gaining more torque and a touch more power at 84bhp. The two clocks, analogue tachometer and LCD speedo, are all very clear and the 6 speed gear box works well. It responds to everything you want it to do without complaint, it's quick and easy to manoeuvre and fantastic fun for a first big bike. To sum up, the Bandit is a fine bike for warm weather riders, but if you are looking for an all year round commuter, stay well clear! La GSF 650 change complètement de bloc optique. Also bike has been back to dealer three times in 1,500 miles owing to the ECU / Fuel Injection needing to be re-set / adjusted to make it run correctly. Love it. I thought I'd need a bigger machine but this is ticking all the boxes for me for now. A good all-rounder to own, reliable, comfortable, rides well even on twisty roads despite its weight. Of course the Bandit doesn’t have the speed or shape of a GSX sports bike. Registered Office: Media House, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, PE2 6EA H Bauer Publishing, The downside of the bike is the quality of some components that start to rust very quickly even if you clean the bike regularly.

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