Graduate Petition for Part-time Enrollment (formerly Graduate Tuition Adjustment), Graduate School of Business M.B.A. Couples without children may request assignment to a variety of furnished configurations. *This fee will be assessed for each quarter (Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer) during the 2020-21 Academic Year. The following reduced-tuition categories can be requested by matriculated undergraduate students in the final stages of their degree program: Undergraduates completing honors theses, clearing incompletes, or requiring a registration status, and who meet the PSO conditions listed in the "Special Registration Statuses (Undergraduate)" section of this Bulletin, may petition for PSO status one time only in their terminal quarter. At Stanford University, the tuition and fees for students who are pursuing undergraduate courses are estimated to be around $53,529 in a year. Housing for students with children is available to married couples, domestic partners, and single parents who have dependent children living with them at least 50% of each week. By accepting Stanford's offer of admission and enrolling in classes, each student accepts responsibility for paying all debts to the University, including tuition and fees, for which he or she is liable. An online listing service facilitates the process of making connections. Students living in Yost, Murray, or EAST are required to be on the Row House mandatory undergrad meal plan: 12 meals per week plus 345 meal plan and open kitchen dollars. *Ph.D. students in the Biomedical Sciences and in the Graduate School of Business are assessed the standard graduate tuition rate. Accordingly, the overall cost for undergraduate students at the university totals about $74,570 per year, based on the available data. Students who take a leave of absence or summer annulment from the University voluntarily before the first day of instruction may have their registrations annulled. The tuition for the Graduation Quarter is $150. For per-unit tuition rates, see the Registrar's tuition web site. Permit to Attend for Services Only (PSO), 2. The graduate tuition and fees at Stanford University are little bit higher than the average amount of similar schools' tuition ($48,199 - Private (not-for-profit) Research University (very high research activity)). Furnished apartments are available for students with children, based on the number of dependents. Tuition and mandatory fees have been set regardless of the method of instruction and will not be refunded in the event instruction occur remotely for any part of the academic year. Undergraduates who wish to withdraw from the current quarter, or from a quarter for which they have registered in advance and do not wish to attend, must file a Leave of Absence Petition with and receive approval from the office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, via the office of Undergraduate Advising and Research (UAR), Sweet Hall. the higher tuition rate, if both degrees are in the same category. The following reduced-tuition categories can be requested by matriculated graduate students in the final stages of their degree programs: Doctoral students, master's students, and students pursuing Engineer degrees who have completed all degree requirements other than the University oral exam and dissertation (doctoral students) or a required project or thesis (Engineer or master's students) and meet the conditions listed in the "TGR" section of this bulletin may request Terminal Graduate Registration tuition status. The Registrar's Office is proud to be part of Student Affairs, which educates students to make meaningful contributions as citizens of a complex world. For complete tuition information, see the Registrar's tuition web site. Tuition and mandatory fees have been set regardless of the method of instruction and will not be refunded in the event instruction occurs remotely for any part of the academic year. This table represents tuition and fees for next year, 2020-21. The Campus Health Service Fee covers most of the services provided by Vaden Health Center, including primary care medical visits, psychological evaluation and short-term therapy at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), and health and wellness programs. Students assigned to a University residence are subject to the terms of the University Residence Agreement, and are required to live in University Housing for the full duration of their signed contract. An individual's registration as a Stanford student constitutes his or her agreement to make timely payment of all amounts due. For more information on leaves of absence, undergraduates should see the "Leaves of Absence and Reinstatement (Undergraduate)" section of this bulletin, and graduate students should see the "Leaves of Absence (Graduate)" section of this bulletin. A fee is charged each quarter to M.B.A. students in the Graduate School of Business to cover the cost of in-class handouts and licensing fees.

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