E 0.4% Lily Lester A*A*A*a, 47 students sat a full range of GCSE subjects, Percentage grade distribution A* 22.9% A* 47.1% Principal Felicity Corcoran praised the “positive” results, but slammed the “totally inexplicable changes” made … A figure of 0 would indicate average performance in line with the same type of students in other schools nationally. D 3.2% St Michael’s Lutheran School prides itself on providing high quality education where students consistently meet the requirements of the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards and perform strongly against similar schools. Facilities. 40 students sat a full range of A-Level subjects – read the A-level 2017 Summary, Percentage grade distribution Our history though young, is rich with quality education that we have imparted since inception. DfE Schools Performance Tables website link, The Joint Council for Qualifications  - GCSE results August 22nd 2019, The Evening Standard - Top Secondary Schools League Table, Exam Results 2019 - A-Level: A*/B grades 80.7%; GCSE: 8/9 grades 56.3%, Exam Results 2017 - A-Level: A*/B grades 83.7%; GCSE: A*/A grades, Exam Results 2016 - A-Level: A*/B grades 81.2%; GCSE: A*/A grades 83.7%, Exam Results 2015 - A-Level: A*/B grades 89.4%; GCSE: A*/A grades 86.7%, Exam Results 2014 - A-Level: A*/B grades 86.4%; GCSE: A*/A grades 86%, Exam Results 2013 - A-Level: A*/B grades 91.3%; GCSE: A*/A grades 87.3%, Copyright 2020 © | School website Design by, Working in partnership to promote our faith, Percentage of pupils who achieved the English Baccalaureate (i.e. 92.9% of grades were A*, A or B C 14.7% The National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) Comparison to the national average alone does not account for other important context, such as how this school compares to other schools with similar students or how this school’s results may have improved against previous years. 57.4% of students gained at least two A*/A grades We are delighted with the success rate for university offers held through UCAS too, where the vast majority of students have been able to meet the conditions of their first choice. 34.8% of students gained ten or more A*/A grades, 20 students (100% of entry) gained Distinctions for Additional Mathematics Level 2. On the academic front few schools shall be able to boast of such fabulous results that we have been able to bring about for 20 successive years. V - X Each child may participate in maximum of 3 competitions + Drawing & Group Dance. We have left behind a trail that few would dare to embark on. 99.4% of grades were A* – C, 88.2% of students gained at least one A*/A grade St. Michael-Albertville School Board Candidate Name Votes Percentage Jim Shovelain 3,959 20.10 Jeanne Holland 5,022 25.50 Drew Scherber 5,456 27.70 Carol Steffens 5,129 26.04 The school focuses on interactive learning methods that help students immensely and make them true champions. Nandini Rawat A*A*A*A a A*=56, A=48, B=40, C=32, D=24, E=16, 45 students sat a full range of GCSE subjects, Percentage grade distribution A* 52.2% All 14 of those who went through our medical entry preparation programme have secured places to read Medicine at prestigious universities across the UK too. Exam Results; Wellbeing at St Michael's; Letters from Headteacher; Exam Results 2019 A-Level: A*/B grades - 80.7%. B 17.3% St Michael's School NAPLAN Results. 95.3% of grades were A*, A – B U 0.8%, 57.3% of grades were A* or A Headmaster, Benson Ferrari, commented on this year’s results: “We congratulate all of our students in their achievements this year and cannot help but be impressed by everyone’s resilience and perseverance. St Michael’s Collegiate is a leading Anglican girls' school in the heart of Hobart in Tasmania. D 0.6% It is again a record year for the school, the summary of our results shows that they remain exceptionally high indeed, with 77.1% of all grades at A* or A across 51 candidates, with our A* proportion having climbed to 44.1%, possibly the highest ever in recent memory and making up nearly half of all grades. St Michael's Grammar School annual fees and charges. Progress 8 - This new government measure tells you how well pupils at this school have progressed between the end of primary school (key stage 2) and the end of secondary school (key stage 4), compared to pupils in other schools who got similar results at the end of primary school. Scholarships. GCSE: GCSEs awarded grades 8/9 - 56.3%. A* Grades - 15%. Our attention now turns to those who face examinations next summer, all of which have been reviewed in light of the situation and subject to some changes by examination boards; we will help prepare the next cohort of candidates for these examinations and make full use of the available teaching time over the months ahead to enable them to face them confidently and successfully. C 6.9% Sambhavi Kumar A*A*A*A* Posted by St Michael’s School for Girls on Sunday, June 28, 2020 Grade 7-9 Drop off protocol. 66.7% of students gained seven or more A*/A grades A* 48.3% This is based on results in up to 8 qualifications, which include English, Maths, 3 qualifications including Sciences, Computer Science, History, Geography and Languages, and 3 other additional qualifying subjects. 72.5% of students gained at least two A*/A grades U  0.4%, 79.6% of grades were A* or A A figure of 0.5 indicates that pupils achieve an average of half a grade higher in each of their GCSE subjects than would be expected. C 7.1%, 75.5% of grades were A* or A C 4.1% More than 90 per cent of pupils at Bermondsey’s St Michael’s Catholic College will be taking up their first choice of uni places, says the school, despite this year’s exams fiasco.

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