Hostels have normally their rules written on the room doors. Reviews on Infra/Hostels of SSN College of Engineering, [SSNCE] Chennai. Keep up to date with our progress by following us, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, Batch of 2022 - 2023, SSN College of Engineering - [SSNCE], Chennai, College Atmosphere, Good Infrastructure, friendly staffs and good placements, there will be lot of shooting and there is no strict rules for dress code and etc. College Atmosphere, Good Infrastructure, friendly staffs and good placements, there will be lot of shooting and there is no strict rules for dress code and etc. See? In a nutshell, you cannot compare 1 bed for 2 people in a hostel to save money. They are neatly cleaned and maintained hygienically. Because of collegedunia, all my questions regarding JEE Mains were answered. If there is no pen or anything to mark your food, ask the staff for help. In a nutshell, you cannot compare 1 bed for 2 people in a hostel to save money. My mother, her mother (and my sister, etc) have all been involved in LifeVantage which I am sure a few of you may have heard of. VIT is one of the prestigious university in India. For getting more salary in job So it requires. Also, your travel mates could use that sauce that you did not finish in case they are curious about it once you left. We once stayed in an 8-bed dorm in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Overall experience of the internships are tremendously helpful and packages provided are really high. It has very good companies for placement. The competition is open to all competitors of all nationalities and age group. Know minimum marks & scores for all rounds of TNEA cut offs for SSN College of Engineering, Chennai on The University persistently adopts innovative methods of learning to enhance the quality of education not only in India but across the world.The University is ranked within the top 450 universities in the world and no. It is also recommend not to take a shower at 4am in the morning; in case the showers can be heard in the sleeping areas. Leaving the hostel and have some stuff which you won’t need any more? Please, do not be that person sleeping naked  in a hostel. How? Those people won’t let you have a sleep during night. Hostels vs Hotels, 33 Beautiful Hostels through the crispy Instagram Filter – #awesome #5starhostels, don’t turn the lights unnecessary on the dorms, don’t hang your washed clothes at the dorm, do not use other dorm mates space (or things! Photo taken at Maverick Hostel, one of the best hostels in Budapest, Hungary. You will also help the hostel staff to maintain the food area clean and tidy. Other guests would prefer to relax, so they would appreciate your kind consideration. Bharath University - Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research - [BIHER], Chennai. We always travel with two, small padlocks. It is one of the top private institution in india . REMARKS. Then leave your towel and toiletry ready. You might have plenty of doubts. Also, we have to work at the hospital for one year and gain practical experience along with knowledge. Our college has an air-conditioned library and high-speed internet facility. Late Check-In can even cost extra at some hostels. It was useful and we had much conversation about the topic given by them. Make sure you do not disturb other people in the room. There it usually is easier to connect. Easy, read other travelers’ comments about their stay and our 5 Star Hostel reviews. Just a quick summary of good hostel manners: Basically: Do not have like a douche-bag! It is not allowed to use drug in or around the hostel, For unjustified use of fire extinguisher, we charge at least a fine of 500€, Please do not make to much noise between 11PM and 7AM, think about other guests. SSN College of Engineering - [SSNCE], Chennai, Tamil Nadu . Top roles are Process engineers, production engineers, project engineers, TPM engineers. Basically, it implies these common sense rules for a nice coexistence. The admission process is simple and students can easily crack their entrance exam also. Just use common sense and don’t block the bathroom for the next 3 hours. Alright, you got your hostels sorted out? There is no shortage for events and other extra curricular activities. The highest package was 7.5 LPA, whereas the lowest was 3.5 LPA. This standard syllabus is very much useful for the students to get placed in companies. SSN CUBE OPEN 2017 is organised by Department of Mathematics, SSN College of Engineering,Chennai and will be held on 28th and 29th of July in association with the World Cube Association. The campus is so liberal and friendly and all the events were organised and conducted by senior students. Use them and do not disturb your dorm mates. We share exclusive discounts to the best hostels in the world and keep you in the loop about new, stunning hostels. And certainly nobody wants to talk to someone complaining all day long. if you are under 18 and unaccompanied by an adult you must have written authorization from a parent or guardian. Internship is only offered by Ecolab to only 4-5 candidates as per my knowledge. Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] Reviews. ), leave the common spaces at least as clean as you found them, Return the key to the reception when you leave (also your locker key), we are not responsible for loss or damage of your stuff, Sheets are a must. Meaning, only people from 18 to 40 can stay. Most of these hostel etiquette are common sense rules for a nice cohabitation and travel experience. I came to know this college by my relative. However, some hostels have a strict rule not to accept guests younger than 18. our college is better to compare other government college. Therefore: Yes, most people are okay for you to use your alarm clock. We collected many information about hostels: We even collected a full guide to hostels in Europe, with everything you need to know. Here we collected 26 fun hostel games you can bring to make more friends! That will help you meet more people! Comment it below so we can add it! There more than 8 hostels for students, separate hostel facility for boys and girls. I have to admit that I go to bed pretty early, so I’d certainly appreciate some silence when it was time for me to sleep. Nevertheless, summarizing them help to have a great idea of what to expect and be aware of the hostel etiquette. Since the students are liberal to conduct any sort of events, they develop a social friendly eco system here. Hostel Review by Gracelin deepa: They have ac and the non-ac room with attached and.. ... Read more, Everything is positive in my college nothing is negative in my college I want to say that I have a lot to join in this college and have wonderful career ahead that's it to see no other than this can b... Read more, The advantages of studying in this college would certainly be the atmosphere, the various opportunities, the personal development and the scholarships offered. You can check the list of TNEA participating colleges list for B.Tech admission 2020 here. Take a look at the books and in case you find any interesting book, swap it with yours. After not getting selected for any good IIT's and NIT's. After all, you do not want to be the worst hostel guest ever (<<< read this fun guide!!!). Almost every person staying in a hostel knows it’s a shared space and are open to chat. SSN is meant for 100% placement. There is 24/7 internet and WIFI facility. Don’t be that person who uses all the kitchen pots and spaces and leave them just there to do the dishes later. Then read: Do you think we missed something? We wrote up a special guide to how to have sex in hostels here. Like that, you won’t disturb your dorm mates. So, please, snorers of the world: Do not stay in a dorm! Many modern hostels also have super cool bunk beds with their own lockers inside your little capsule, so to say. Usually, hostels leave post-its prepared next to the fridge. The hostel has its own mess, kitchen, dining hall and television facilities. Wanna know hostel dormitories unwritten rules?

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