Mouthwatering Gourmet Spicy Chocolate. Absurdly spicy (and possibly dangerous) chocolate bar; Contains chili extract rated at 9 million Scoville Heat Units! dimensions: 1.5” x 1” x 0.12″ (3.81 cm x 2.54 cm x 0.3 cm) Made in USA; The World’s Hottest Chocolate … It’s a tasty mix of salty, sweet, tangy, and spicy that really brings that wow factor. Theo Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Chili. *** Get ready to feed your 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,110. They have some heat – but not totally crazy heat – more a subtle warmth with an earthy undertone. World's Hottest Chocolate Bar: Super spicy chocolate made with 9 million SHU. Guajillo and pasilla are the stars of this dark chocolate with bite. World’s Hottest Chocolate … But at … The Choco Challenge 2.0 - White Lightning by FUEGO SPICE CO. White Chocolate with World… Everyone knows that there’s no better treat in the world than a piece of chocolate. Overview *** New Packaging, Same Hellish Heat! $16.99. There’s not much you can do to improve chocolate’s decadent taste. Net wt: 0.14 oz (4g) Approx. From Vat19. World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar.

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