The copper penetrates the leaves of the plant and can kill harmful organisms such as funguses. Monterey LG3374 Complete Concentrate Fungicide & Bactericide for Control of Garden & Lawn Diseases, 16 oz 4.5 out of 5 stars 93. tsp = teaspoon 2 tsp/gal = 1 qt./100 gals. Use product with other fungicides and Insecticides with caution. View the product label for Liquid Copper Fungicide from Southern Agricultural. Concentrate 3-in-1 Insect, Disease and Mite Control: Price $ Grower's Ally Fungicide | 32 fl. PicClick Exclusive Popularity - 13,643 views, 8.5 views per day, 1,597 days on eBay. Manufacturer: Southern Ag. Copper’s a metal and, when put in a liquid state, can be sprayed or wiped on plants. $15.99. Dormant: late fall to early spring before bud swell : Aphid, mite, scale: Horticultural oil: Apply three times during the dormant season. 829-FL-1 PAGE 1 ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS This pesticide is toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates and may contamipate water through runoff. Southern Ag - Liquid Copper Fungicide - Fungicide, 16oz 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,889. NO. NO. Garden Safe 510992 Fungicide3 Concentrate (HG-10411X) (20 fl oz), 20 oz - 1 Count. oz. Garden Safe Brand Fungicide3, Ready-to-Use One of the key features of this product is the fact that … Product Overview. Use it in your lawn care to control moss in an oak tree and algae in a lawn. The Southern Ag 1 pint. APPLICATION: Mix with water and apply as a cover spray. Nov 18, 2018 - RATE: Rates vary greatly depending upon use. Chlorothalonil or copper: Fungicide application is needed for peach leaf curl only if there is a history of this disease. Bonide (BND148) - Infuse Systemic Disease Control, Fungicide Concentrate (16 oz.) $21.11. diacetate complex (8% Metallic Copper. There are many types of copper products that you can choose from. Liquid Copper Fungicide with chelated or liquid fertilizers. This item Southern Ag Liquid Copper Fungicide, 128oz. Southern Ag: Southern Ag: Bonide: BioAdvanced: Name: 8 oz. 318 sold, 674 available. $25.98. Liquid Copper Fungicide Concentrate: 32 oz. Botanicare HGC704078 Hydroguard Bacillus Root Inoculant, 1-Quart, Natural 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,073. 10465-3-829 84 EPA EST. Ob- serve all cautions and limitations on all products used in mixtures. Triple-Action Neem Oil: 16 oz. More × Popularity - Southern Ag Liquid Copper Fungicide 8 oz. oz. Condition: New, MPN: 02901, Brand: Southern Ag See More. Super high amount of views. Concentrate, Makes 20 Gallons | Safe Fungicide and Bactericide for Plants | OMRI Listed. Equivalent, 0.772 lbs per gallon) USE ON: Many fruits, vegetables, turfgrass (algae control), live oak See label. The control of diseases with fungicides is based on PREVENTION: plant surfaces must be completely covered with the fungicide to successfully prevent infection. metallic copper) of Liquid Copper Fungicide in 5 gallons of water per 1,000 square feet. Copper sulfate, which is sometimes referred to as bluestone, was one of the first types of copper used as a fungicide. Garden Friendly Fungicide: 8 oz. 10465-3-829_Liquid Copper Fungicide_20150608_2_829_.pdf EIBSOUTHERN mmAG& LIQUID '>~~~ COPPER ~~ vo ... Southern Agricultural Insecticides, Inc. P.O. To protect the environment, … See active ingredients, product application, restrictions, and more. LIQUID COPPER FUNGICIDE* • Controls diseases caused by bacteria & fungi • New formulation works well with hose end sprayers • Labeled for control of moss and algae. CONTAINS: 27.15% Copper diammonia. APPLICATION: Mix with water and apply as a cover spray. PicClick Insights - Southern Ag Liquid Copper Fungicide 8 oz. (0.06 lbs. Liquid Copper Fungicide is a broad-spectrum fungicide that controls diseases caused by bacteria and fungi. Box 218 Palmetto, FL 34220 EPA REG. You're already purchasing the … Liquid Copper Fungicide may be used alone or in combination with other registered fungicides as a maintenance spray. TURFGRASS To control algae in ornamental lawns and turf, apply 10 fl.

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