In addition, a general rule is that the deeper the seat depth, the lower the seat height needs to be and vice versa. Learn about our roots. For taller people, a higher back height can make the couch seem more comfortable since it has a taller support point. We can customize your couch to make sure that it is comfortable for you and work with one of our Furniture Stylists for more direct help.. Rule 3. The filling used on bottom and back cushions can make a huge difference for comfortable couches. Your thighs should be supported by the sofa. Rule 2. Placement Distance From the Sofa to a Coffee Table, What to Use for a Couch Not to Slide on Laminate, Timesaver Standards for Interior Design and Space Planning; Joseph De Chiara, Julius Panero and Martin Zelnik, My Decorating Tips: Six Common Mistakes When Choosing Your Sofa and How to Avoid Them, How to Choose the Right Size for Couch Side Tables, How to Determine Furniture Proportion to a Room. However, shorter individuals may not like a high back and instead prefer a standard height. The inside height of a couch represents the length of the piece from the top of the seat cushion to the back, while the outside height is the total height from floor to highest point of the back. Sofas with a low profile have a sleeker appearance. The average sofa seat height measures 17 to 18" from the floor to the top of the cushion. High density foam is quite common and is known for its comfort and durability. The range of measurements allows for differences in sofa design while keeping the overall proportions of the furniture piece pleasing to the eye and comfortable for the user. The most common measurement is 17 to 18 inches from floor to cushion top, but you can find heights as low as 15 inches and up to 20 inches. Batting may also be used with foam cushions to help keep the cushion filling smooth and to prevent slippage. Seat depth is important because your height can impact how comfortable you will find the sofa. Consider the size of individuals using the sofa most often, and pick seat heights accordingly. Overall down pillows not only have a softer feel, but a softer and less uniform look. If you need back support, or you prefer sitting up, a sofa that features a tight back that doesn't not have loose cushions is the best option. The batting should not have a huge impact on your comfort level. The height of the back of the couch will depend on your preferences and your height. The knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle when seated and the feet should touch the floor. Whenever people shop for couches, they tend to think about the how enjoyable the new sofa will be without actually considering whether it will really be comfortable. Choose the best cushion filling for the function of the piece. If the sofa height is not appropriate for a person’s … However, with down and feathers, the filling may shift a bit and the cushions will need to be fluffed on a regularly basis to keep the original form. On a 2-seat couch, the daily wear caused by lying down on the couch can cause wear to the bottom cushions over time. If you have standard 8’ ceilings, a low profile sofa will look best. Whether your sofa has an angled pitch or a straight back matters if you need back support or if you prefer to sit up straight. This ensures that overall you're getting something that is supportive and ergonomically sound. If you plan to keep your couch for years to come, you need to consider the specifics before you purchase a sofa. If the sofa height is not appropriate for a person’s height, tall people can feel as though they are simply squatting instead of sitting while shorter people can find their legs dangling above the floor like children. For higher ceilings, opt for a high profile sofa so that the furniture can look balanced in the room. If the sofa has a pitch that is too far back you will not be able to sit up straight on the couch without the use of cushions or throw pillows. For the seat depth, the seat should allow you to sit comfortably without having to use a throw pillow. It's not a universal thing so it's worth taking the time to get it right. Medley was born from listening to customers in the furniture industry for over 10 years. It's just too formal of a sit for most people, unless you're in a waiting room for the dentist and don't plan on being there for ver long. While seat height has the most impact on seating comfort, inside height and outside height can determine how well a sofa fits into your room.An average outside measurement is 36 in… Keep in mind if you do have down in the seat cushion you might sink a little more than a built-in cushion that will be firmer. These are common measurements for other types of seating as well, which keeps furniture profiles around a room in balance. With a 3-seat sofa, there will be more room to lie down, meaning your weight will be more evenly distributed across the surface of the couch. An important detail of this is that what you find works for you will differ from what other people might like. Some people even like to use accent pillows when sitting upright but then be able to move them and slouch down a little lower for full relax mode. Rule 4. Her work has appeared in Southern Living and Lowe's Creative Ideas for Home and Garden, as well as local publications. She also writes about party ideas and celebrating everyday moments at In fact, you will never be able to tell whether a sofa is comfortable simply by looking at it unless you consider its measurements. Wool or cotton batting are commonly used and come in two thicknesses. While most manufacturers try to accommodate the average person by making one-size-fits-all sofas, we understand that you have unique furniture needs. With comfortable couches that are been built to your specifications, you can ensure that your customized couch will actually be comfortable for you and your family. To be more direct, just because a sofa looks great doesn't mean that it will be comfortable. Analyze the back pitch angle for support. Make sure the seat depth is appropriate for you. A straight back though typically isn't very comfortable because you do want a bit of a angle to get a natural form when leaning back. For these individuals, loose back cushions are the best option. A seat on the taller side will have some feet dangling, while a too-short cushion leaves tall sofa owners looking at their knees. Rule 1. However, down or wool are also popular and are generally considered to be the best option when it comes to a more relaxed vibe. Seat height is the distance from the floor to the top of the seat cushion. Many people also prefer sofas that are comfortable enough for lying down. However, you may also want to select the back height for your sofa based on the height of your ceilings. For a shorter person, a seat depth of around 20" is preferred. This is why seat height is so important for the most comfortable couch. Karen Watts Perkins is a writer with a background in interior design and a master's degree in journalism. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. However, it will require some minor adjustments, first and it may not be as comfortable as a straight back sofa if you have back problems. Since a comfortable place to sit is the most important function of sofas, the seat height needs to accommodate people of all sizes. Look at the seat height versus your sitting needs. If you have tall ceilings, the room can handle high-backed sofas, which create a focal point while visually filling the space. Since a comfortable place to sit is the most important function of sofas, the seat height needs to accommodate people of all sizes. The back height for the most comfortable couch generally ranges from 26” to 32”. Look at the seat height versus your sitting needs. In contrast, pitch sofas are excellent if you enjoy reclining on the sofa to relax or binge watch one of the best TV shows of all time. The height of a sofa back ranges from 30 inches to 36 inches. They fit well in modern spaces, and create the illusion of spaciousness in small rooms. For a tall person, a seat depth of 23" to 25" is a good option. It's up to you of course in terms of how you want to use the room. The seat heights for modern comfortable couches can vary. A sofa is one of the most basic decorating elements of any living space. Here are the top 5 things to make sure you get the most comfortable couch or comfortable sectional for you. If you want to have furniture that includes a lot of accent pillows though, you can always go a little deeper and then factor that in. However, it is important to know that it is there because it can be visible, especially in the instance of cotton batting because it can poke through the covering of the cushion. However, the standard range is typically between 15" and 20". The back height that you select is generally up to your preferences, and as long as the back pillows are high enough that's where most of the function comes from. Rule 5. Heights of sofa seats and backs vary somewhat depending on the style and manufacturer, but most fall within a range of standard dimensions.

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