Taking snail farming as a goldmine, you may think you can handle the venture by yourself, but more than likely you will realize you need some help in order to succeed One of the best places to seek advice is from people who have successfully opened their own snail farming businesses and are willing to share what worked, what they wish they had done differently, and their results. Capricorn Farms Limited is an experienced snail farming establishment based in Lagos state of Nigeria. Gee respectively in the areas of beekeeping and snail farming and total of 60 farmers were trained. But in Nigeria, snail farming business is not highly considered and put into consideration as how it is been done in other countries. Snail farming is an interesting business opportunity for Africans. There isn’t any real history on were snails eating started from or when people started eating snail. Benefits . Snail farming business can be very profitable in Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, South Africa, and Nigeria. Snail meat is very nutritious. But first, let’s take a look at the benefits of snail. Under this climate, snails tend to thrive and multiply very fast. People gather snails, eat them and sell the remaining as a way to make money. The most common snail breed in many parts of Africa is the Giant African land snail (Achatina species). In Australia and USA, snail farming is a … It’s the largest snail in the world and can easily be found across West Africa’s vast tropical forests. Snail Farming in Nigeria: How to Start in 2019. It contains choline (an important water-soluble vitamin). In Liberia, edible snails can be found in the forest, in the swamp and on garbage sites. In this post, we take a look at how to start snail farming in Nigeria. live and kicking ,organic feed and cripsy when cooked ,you need tutorial on snail farming or material you just call or wats app moi Lagos State, Lagos Island (Eko), NOV 16 – Other Animals 2 EGBEJA SNAIL FARMING. In partnership with and under the tutelage of Touchstone Snails Technology Limited, Lanarca, Cyprus, we are currently developing Africa's largest snail facility tagged Egbeja Snail Village. Choline is an essential vitamin that builds and maintains healthy cell membranes. We have developed the most viable snail farming technique over the years that will guarantee successful commercial production of snails like has never-been-achieved-before.

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