They said they would but I waited all day and the bed never came. There was nothing wrong with my older mattress we just wanted to upgrade to the adjustable bed. Find a Store *Smart Fabric: Compared to ordinary mattresses, … STEER CLEAR! Great! I also sweated a lot both nights because memory foam runs very warm and doesn't breathe well. Hotels, Airbnb, etc, isn't comfortable anymore. The taller air bladders or "upgraded" layers of padding are not necessarily desirable. Got our number and information. A pillow top or cushion could not cover up the unevenness of the bed.BUYER BEWARE: They will not refund you the $90 shipping it cost to UPS your bed to your house, and they will charge you another $90 for labels to return the bed via UPS, My wife and I did extensive research before purchasing a Sleep Number bed, and we were surprised by much of what we learned. That's how my wife and I escaped paying any setup/delivery costs.WHEN YOUR SLEEP NUMBER BED ARRIVESWhen your Sleep Number bed arrives (assuming you didn't pay for setup), it is easy to assemble. The Sleep Number bed is mediocre by the most generous description. EVEN despite not get a discount, we only went for one bed. The higher the number (it goes up to 100) the firmer the mattress will be. After printing out several different quotes on various options we considered, Elliott was still very patient and took his time. We called right away and they told us to try different settings. A waste of time and energy. When queried I was told it was in the small print. Sleep Number’s Value Beds are the only ones that don’t come with sensors that will automatically adjust the firmness, comfort, and support. People can also get a quote or make a purchase online and through the Live Chat feature. I bought the bed a month ago. It raises the head of the bed like the FlexFit 1 and offers the following additional features: Includes all of the features in FlexFit 2 and the following features: The FlexFit bases also come in two types: Silhouette and Traditional. The last time that (same incident) happened, I couldn't move out of my bed for two full days and I suffered excruciating lower back pain for three weeks before I recovered full mobility. Until you do, it will feel its either too hard or too soft. We obviously couldn't keep this. So, be prepared to add a mattress topper. You lay out the mattress cover on a box frame, unzip the top, insert foam stiffeners around the perimeter of the bed, drop in the air bladders, attach the air pump, inflate the bladders, and zip the top of the mattress back on. Sleep Number is a great mattress! This is just absolutely ridiculous beyond measure! He never tried to upsell and offer what he thought was truly right for us. Each time I lie down on the bed, I'm still aware that the initial "cushy" softness of the memory foam is missing, but after lying down for a few seconds, that observation immediately gives way to a pleasant impression of how firm and supportive the bed feels against my back. Now they tell us the base is non returnable, but it can still be used with most mattresses. I found another mattress store, offering better deals WITH THE SAME TYPE OF FUNCTION OF A BED. They told us the C4 would be firmer. Any appropriately-sized box frame will work. Could not believe how cheap the materials were upon delivery. So now we called, explained our issues. When I called to begin the return process I was put on hold for an hour and forty minutes. More Reasons to Love Our Beds. It wasnt until the end of the purchasing process that I learned it would take two weeks to deliver it. You are better off getting a air mattress from Wal-Mart. We both agree the Downlite topper made the bed feel substantially better since it is just thick enough to prevent us from feeling the air bladders in the C2 bed.I also noticed that the Downlite topper feels firmer and more supportive than the upgraded beds we tried out in the Sleep Number store, reinforcing my suspicion that higher-end Sleep Number beds use layers of memory foam which probably sink in over time and cause back pain like we experienced with our previous memory foam beds. He is comfortable and getting up without backaches for the first time since we bought it. Its a good bed but, i am def going to upgrade to i10 or 18.. Bought bed 3 weeks ago bit of a rocky start trying to get bed to work properly turns out our modem wasn’t working as it should but now the bed is working properly i have much less back pain in the morning than i did but still very early to say exactly how it’s working for us. It just didn't work for us. Yes. Ignore the sales pitch. Again we followed the instructions (quite a pain) and it was better for about 3 months. I bought the ILE. When I asked a representative why this range is so popular, I was told: Sleep Number is really based on personal preference and what is most comfortable for each person, the 35-45 range gives great support and pressure relief for most. The Sleep Number stores were open and all other furniture stores . First, in the store all the mechanics of the bed are well hidden inside the platforms. So in my humble opinion and what I've researched on line and what I've gotten in information from Sleep Number employees you will pay for any issues with the bed system.... Just be aware if you plan to purchase this bed system from Sleep Number. They let potential customers compare models across series and have a Live Chat feature that should answer virtually any question. We decided to try a sleep number bed based on the other reviews here, and the fact that I haven't been able to sleep for more than 4-5 hours at a time and waking up feeling like I had been run over by a truck. Overall, customers have good things to say about initial comfort, but there were some complaints about durability for the luxury price tag. That's ridiculous!!!!! I was forced to troubleshoot the issue myself wasting hours. Yes it is in the fine print of the brochure but the sales person never said it, He was just anxious to make the sale. So, today we went to a mattress store and spent 7500.00 for a real bed that is unconditionally guaranteed. Even the delivery and set up was outstanding. Select Comfort was founded by Robert Walker and JoAnn Walker in 1987. NO ONE said a WORD about that until the mattress was delivered. I called the salesman after the store opened he tried to help but my order was cancelled. In 2018 we decided to update our mattress. Then they shipped the whole big foam thing. We figured let it break in. If you can give up the pleasure of that initial cozy feeling you get from memory foam, the C2 mattress and Downlite topper are a great combination that will give much better (and adjustable) sleep-through-the-night comfort and support for those who suffer from chronic back pain.

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