DIAM. Specifications; Curves; Reviews; Projects; Gallery; Thiele-Small Parameters. All AMPLIFIERS; SAE. 0.32 Qms. 12" FS(Hz) 32.1. It was engineered specifically to feature a super low FS to hit the low notes that SPL requires, while still showing range in being able to hit the high notes. All SALT; Mono Block; SAM ( MINI AMPS ) SAX. All SUNDOWN AUDIO; AMPLIFIERS. avb. All SAE; 4 Channel; Mono Block; SALT. 0.32. The Skar Audio VXF series was engineered to deliver the perfect combination of SQ/SPL found in a competition grade car subwoofer of its power class. A massive 300 oz ferrite motor allows for extreme power handling for extended periods of time. Skar Audio VXF-12 D4 12" 3000 Watt Max Power Dual 4 Ohm Competition Car Subwoofer: Amazon.ca: Cell Phones & Accessories PROD. Design Box. 4.85 Qes. Fs(Hz) 32.1 Vas(l) 35.4 Qts. VXF SERIES (3,000 WATTS) All VXF SERIES (3,000 WATTS) 12 INCH; 15 INCH; ZVXV2 SERIES (3,200 WATTS) All ZVXV2 SERIES (3,200 WATTS) 8 INCH; 12 INCH; 15 INCH; 18 INCH [DISCONTINUED] SUNDOWN AUDIO. IMP(Ohm) 4x2. All SAX; 4 Channel; SCV; SFB. Skar Audio VXF-12 The Skar Audio VXF series was designed to be the ultimate SQ/SPL subwoofer. QTS. VAS(l) 35.4. 0.35 Bl(Tm) 23.3 Cms(mm/N) 0.105 Rms(kg/s) 9.723 Le(mH) 0 Mms(gr) 234 Vd(l) 1.179 Sd(sq.mm) 47140 X-max(mm) … All SFB; 4 … The VXF-12 D2 is conservatively rated at 3,000 watts peak power, and 1,500 watts RMS, and is unrivaled when it comes to power handling and overall performance. Read more. PWR(W) 3000. Skar ; VXF-12 D4; Model Skar VXF-12 D4 Rating. SPL(dB) 87.1.

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