With that said, here are some tips for dumbbell shoulder press: You’re going to be doing 3 different types of lateral movements. Push the dumbbells straight up until your elbows come close to locking and lower them back down after a short pause. It can be tempting to get stuck just going through motions when doing high-rep workouts. Building muscle and getting a good workout isn’t about how much weight you’re lifting. THE MUSCLE PROGRAM, all rights reserved. You’ll start with a basic seated dumbbell press followed by several exercises that will hit all angles of your shoulders. A quick and effective shoulder workout with dumbbells at home, and you only need two sets of dumbbells. Although they target more of your side delts, they really work your entire shoulder region. Jay Cutler. I’m also going to take you through 2 specific methods for that. In this post, you’re going to get a shoulder workout that you can do with dumbbells only. Of course, your volume for shoulders will not be as much in this case. Here are some things to note before you get started: *If you don’t get all 50 reps, do a rest-pause set as described above in ‘method 1’ (even if you get 50 on the first set, you probably won’t on the remaining 3). Doing dumbbells for shoulders will allow you to get a, Focus on your shoulders as you press the dumbbells up so that you don’t use your upper chest as much, Contract your shoulder muscles at the peak of each rep, Control the dumbbells as you bring them back to the start point, forcing the tension to be on the muscle, Start with your palms facing you, and with the dumbbells directly in front of you, Gradually turn your wrists to the pronated position as you press the weight up, Use controlled reps throughout each entire rep (2-3 seconds up, 2-3 seconds back down), Lead with your elbows and make sure you’re using your delts to lift the weight; don’t allow any other muscles to assist, Don’t swing the weight or use momentum; keep your body still while doing lateral raises, Try doing these seated every other shoulder workout; you won’t be able to do as much weight but you may find that this way targets your delts more, Make sure you keep your torso at the appropriate angle to truly work your rear delts, As with lateral raises, don’t swing the weight or use momentum, Your gym may have a chest-pad that you can rest on to do these, and some will lay facing on an incline bench; both are great ways to better-target your rear delts (and keep pressure off your lower back from bending over, if that’s an issue), Keep your torse straight and do not swing the dumbbells; go light and do them correctly, Squeeze and contract your shoulder muscles at the peak of each rep, When you shrug the dumbbells, shrug straight up, Try doing these with slower, controlled reps as opposed to banging out fast reps, Hold the dumbbells up for several seconds, contracting your traps at the peak of each rep. Whether its shoulders and triceps or shoulders and biceps, you’re entire upper body is going to look jacked once you finish. And this is going to give you that extreme pump. Another benefit is the ability to target your delts from all angles. 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