Short stretch bandages are made out of 100% breathable cotton. You do have the right supplies and were not mistaken in using them to treat your lymphedema. After 1 week, the median percentage volume reduction in bandaged legs was 19%, compared with 26% for legs treated with compression wraps. JOBST FarrowWrap Liners are a part of the short-stretch adjustable VELCRO wrap system. Short stretch bandaging systems are also the standard of practice in treating venous leg ulcers. Wear the wraps all day. Made with durable material, and are designed to help reduce limb swelling and maintain volume reductions, as well as promote healing of venous leg ulcers. Reply. You may remove them before you go to bed. September 20, 2014 at 11:58 am . Because of the way they are woven it causes interlocking of the fibers and results in a higher compression. Thank you for sharing your question. that makes it easier for you to self-manage your edema and adjust the level of limb compression independently – especially useful for fluctuating edema. Being reusable and easily washable they end up being quite economical for people suffering from venous edema, lymphedema, post-traumatic swelling, etc. JOBST FarrowWrap® garments are a range of adjustable compression devices that are available in a variety of styles, fabrics, sizes and compression classes. Low-stretch Adjustable Compression Wraps MANUF AC T URED BY SOLARIS Thigh High New Silver Liner See Page 7 . Alex Collins. Follow the steps below. Rosidal K clings and conforms to help prevent slipping and the firm grip fabric texture provides added support to ensure that the bandage layers hold securely. Mosti et al (2015) compared wraps with an multicomponent short-stretch bandaging system in a RCT of 36 patients with oedema caused by venous disease. JOBST FarrowWrap Liners. Step 1: Put the end of the wrap on the bottom of your foot and bring the wrap over your foot, just under your toes. Thus they are more effective for a higher working pressure. Interface pressure was initially significantly higher I am impressed you were able to apply them independently! 2 For more information, visit laimem 2 Contact Information 3 ReadyWrap™: An Effective Alternative to Elastic Compression 4 Lower Extremity Garments New Thigh High Silver Liner 8 Upper Extremity Garments 10 Lower Extremity Donning Instructions 12 Upper Extremity Donning Instructions … (A, B) Short-stretch bandage wraps without padding from foot to upper thigh. A B. How To Apply Short Stretch Compression Wraps (over) PATIENT EDUCATION What To Remember Put your wraps on your foot every morning after you get out of bed. This 100% cotton, breathable, short stretch bandage provides strong compression support of the extremities for the treatment of acute and chronic lymphedema, venous edema, and post-traumatic swelling.

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