Sheet metal tongs Sheet metal tongs are used in many different branches of industry and placed in storage for further processing. Sheet Metal Hand Tong … Our tongs are highly sought after in the sheet metal trade. Showing all 5 results Freund Pocket Pan Former. Steadman tongs are highly sought after in the sheet metal industry due to their strength, balance, and feel Offset tong has a 1" insertion depth and works great on all common materials Popular in the HVAC and … If storing your tongs … CATALOG SHEET METAL; Center Punch; Compass Manual; Coupons; Crimper sheet metal; Cutter LOWE Shoe Molding wood plastic; Deburring Tools for sheet metal and Stainless; DEMO's Used Tools; Digital See Square Digital; Dividers Calipers Heavy Duty; Duct Puller cheaters tongs; Electric tools; Folders sheet metal Benders; Gauge Sheet Metal … 3 customer reviews ... 3 customer reviews $ 70.00; Sale! Comfortable handles and good tool balance. Fairmont tongs are forged and plated -- and fully guaranteed against manufacturing defects. 5/5. Fairmont tongs, also known as forged hand seamers, are powerful and versatile additions to any tool box. Care: Once a month place a drop of light oil on each side of the pin between the front and back blade. If necessary, the heavy sheet metal is transported within the production process to the intended place of use. Home » Roofing Tools » Metal Roofing Tools » Metal Roofing Tong Metal Roofing Tong. Bending depth marks on tong … Sheet metal tongs … They are used in HVACR, metal roofing, and many other sheet metal applications.

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