Hard Wearing: No one likes the time spent flattening water stones, and while the Kuromaku Professionals do need to be flattened, they require less flattening less often than inferior quality stones, saving valuable time for the professional or serious home sharpener. This stone is not only a good overall size but also the thickest of the Shapton stones. Professional Quality Shapton is serious about calling these Professional stones. The non-skid feet attached to the case will prevent the case from sliding when you sharpen your knife. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay informed! In our tests, they are among the fasting cutting of water stones. FWIW, I've used my Shapton 1000 Pro with VG-10 and S30V and it cuts quickly without loading at all if you keep the stone wet. Very good stone for the value, easy to sharpen on and leaves a very good polish! Grit size: 12.000; Top Quality Stones for Demanding Sharpeners. A fine sharpening stone which is perfect for getting razor-sharp knives with a beautiful polished finish. Can be used to keep knives that are in good condition razor sharp. Length: 21 cm; As such we can offer you ads and content you might be interested in. level 1. not as sharp as my knives. We also produce lapping plates and other accesories related to sharpening. The sharpening stone can be used to sharpen practically all knives. With this Shapton Pro Stone you can quickly and very evenly sharpen your knives. It simply won’t do it any good. Dimensions: 210x70 18 comments. Each of these grain sizes equals a different colour. When it is dry you can put it back into its case. Length: 21 cm; You can rely on these fast-cutting and hard-wearing water stones to sharpen an unrivaled edge and be a joy to use every time. Weight: 506 grams, For leveling flat diamond stone grinding wheels, Length: 21 cm; They are harder wearing and cut faster than the combination stones we offer. Shapton Pro Series are "splash and go" ceramic stones, available in 320, 1000, 1500 and 5000 grit. Grain size: 220 / coarse; Grit size: 2000 / medium; or Best Offer . So I have a 1000 grit whetstone and am gonna get a 8000 or 5000 one. Knivesandtools uses cookies and similar techniques to make sure we can help you even better. Weight: 608 grams. This is the Official Website of SHAPTON Co., Ltd. Shapton manufactures sharpening stones as the main products that are "Sharpens Faster" , " Ready to Sharpen Immediately", "Reduced Wear" and "Variety of Stone Types" in features. It is more dense than most stones. Shapton Pro Kuromaku Sharpening Stones: 120 - 30000 Grit for Apex Edge Pro. Get them wet, and start sharpening. Ten distinct stones span the range of extremely aggressive 120 grit all the way to incredibly fine 30,000 grit. As is common for Shapton the stones are uniform in terms of structure, with evenly divided ceramic grain particles. Weight: 502 grams, Shapton Glass Diamond Lapping Plate, diamond flattening plate, Skerper Sink Bridge sharpening stone holder, SA002, Skerper Basic ceramic sharpening steel, 24.5 cm, SH003, Shapton Pro Stone grit 8000 very fine sharpening stone, K0710, Shapton Pro Stone grit 120 extra coarse sharpening stone, K0701, Shapton Pro Stone grit 2000 medium sharpening stone, K0703, Shapton Pro Stone grit 12000 super fine sharpening stone, K0705, DMT Dia-Flat Lapping Plate flattening stone, 95 micron, Shapton Pro Stone grain 220 coarse sharpening stone, moss, K0706. A good overall size for sharpening, they have the added benefit of two usable sides and are the thickest of the Shapton stones. This converts to … I try to have my edges perfectly formed when I finish with the 1000 because I switch to 5000 grit next. With this Shapton Pro Stone you can quickly and very evenly sharpen your knives. Fast Cutting: Kuromaku Professional stones sharpen fast. This means that there is no soaking required prior to using them. The boxes are color coded, the same as the stones, so identification is quick and easy whether the stone is out on your bench, or stored in the box. Stones that sharpen fast and well without wasting time. Finally, ventilation holes have been added in order for you to store your sharpening stone without ever having to worry about it. Free shipping. KnifeGarage @copyright 2019 – P.IVA IT04892320286 –, KnifeGarage @copyright 2019 – P.IVA IT04892320286. 5000 vs 8000 grit whetstone? The magnesia binder gives Shapton Pro excellent sharpening quality and performance, and high wear resistance.A This really is a very good 5000 grit polishing stone. Whether you are a professional looking for stones that won’t let you down or a hobbyist who demands the best, the Kuromaku Professional line has you covered. The perfect alternative for sharpening steels. This case is not only great to store your stone in. Fortunately you can easily fix this problem using a lapping plate. Shapton Pro Kuromaku Sharpening Stones Set: 120-12000 for Apex Edge Pro. Flattening stone from the Shapton Glass-series for flattening your Shapton sharpening stones. Splash and Go: The Kuromaku stones do not absorb water like many other water stones do. Sharpening stones: Shapton Ha-no-kuromaku 5000 and 12.000 grit They come in a plastic storage box which also functions as a stone holder.

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