The cast aluminum basket also has large vent windows that allow volumes of air to flow freely in and out of the motor assembly. Click here and we'll help. 1000W HCCA Competition Series 4-Channel Amplifier • 250W x 4-Chan @ 2 Ohms Hand to god. You are currently viewing discontinued products. Within this category, you will find box terminals, polyfil, subwoofer boxes, sound damping material, subwoofer grilles, speaker wire, connecters, and many more accessories. Can't find your vehicle? Unless it is universal, usually the item will only be compatible with the same manufacturer. @ 4 Ohms • 800W x 1 chan. My 93 chevy truck Orion HCCA 15's Build . Orion® HCCA™ Subwoofers are the biggest, baddest and most hardcore subwoofers Orion has ever made! The HCCA cone is manufactured from a paper/fiber blend that is extremely rigid yet light in weight. Shop Now! Its annoying that sonic has the recones for the 12's and 15's, but they discontinued the 10" grrr well they do sell the recone kits for the 10.2 & 10.4 hcca orions on amazon. The back plate/pole piece of the driver is the largest single area of metal within the driver. 2 AP30001D's. Step up to the premium 3000 watt peak SPL performance with these frighteningly powerful new red-and-black HCCA 10s and 4000 watt peak SPL performance with the new HCCA 12" and 15" subwoofers from Orion, a world leader in competition lane mayhem for more than 20 years. People say they feel me coming before they hear me. And to make the comeback even sweeter, these amps even offer our patented ESP2 features. The HCCA line offers extensive control under the locking top panel. The little 10'' sub can give you more bass than you want. HCCA COMPONENT SPEAKER SYSTEMS FEATURES AND BENEFITS. This modification increases the power performance and temperature control. We will do our best to research your vehicle quickly and provide fitment guidance. In the new class D HCCA amplifiers for woofers, the power is being calculated at only 12.6 volts and only with a 0.5% THD which makes these amplifiers very powerful ones. While neodymium magnets are much more powerful than conventional ceramic magnets, they are sensitive to heart. Its hard to keep your vocals loud enough to hear with that many Subs. ORION's high-level inputs accpet voltages from 1V to 10V from the head unit's speaker outputs. Kole KX1 5500D -broken. Whether you're looking for an SPL world record or you just want to do some serious damage on the streets, these amplifiers wil ensure they hear you before they see you. New HCCA Subwoofers and Component Speakers Step up to premium 3000-watt SPL performance with these frighteningly powerful new red-and-black HCCA 10",12" and 15" subwoofers from Orion, a world leader ~ in competition lane mayhem for more than 20 years. The HCCA has a massive 4" copper wound voice coil on an aluminum former that is Amide resin coated to resist damage in the intense heat that is generated at max excursion. Hand to god. Sonic Electronix is not responsible for typographical or illustrative errors. All HCCA woofers feature a proprietary Tri-Radius high roll balanced surround that is made of high density expanded polyester foam for linear controlled excursion that ranges a total of 4" peak to peak. We guarantee that we will have the lowest price for products from all of the top brands. Refers to the diameter of the subwoofer, measured in inches. Check out our YouTube Channel for helpful how-to videos, product reviews, and Q&As. Normal ceramic magnets would need to be 18 times the size to have the same magnetic energy. Please enter the letters as they are shown in the image above. Discontinued Orion Subwoofer Installation & Accessories Get the most sound out of your subwoofer with these installation parts designed to make your subwoofer install easier and sound better. This is the configuration of the voice coil(s) that the recone kit is compatible with. 15" Dual 4 ohms Orion HCCA Subwoofer Replacement Cone Kit for HCCA15.4 Sub • Replacement Cone, Voice Coil, and Spider Assembly • Same Quality as the Original HCCA Woofer DISCONTINUED /Car Electronics & Auto Parts/Car Audio Accessories & Installation Parts/Subwoofer Installation & Accessories/Subwoofer Recone Kits Well worth the money, get yourself a pair. Aids in the elimination of unwanted noise or harmonics at very low frequency that may degrade the sound quality of a subwoofer and/or enclosure caused by distortion or over excursion from those unwanted noises and harmonics. ORION HCCA amplifiers are equipped with the 0-180º phase switch. In the 1980's, the technology was transistors and massive class AB designs that stretched the length of a foootball field, today it's more efficient MOSFET class D designs, but the outcome is still the same: serious amounts of power driving ridiculously low impedances at completely sick output levels. 2 orion HCCA 15.4. Match them with the new HCCA Amplifiers and Components that sound as awesome as they look and you're ready for action!

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