106. Walker can bespoke build you a ‘new’ one for much the same although generally a fairly decent one can be had for a quarter of this outlay, and the grandest of GTEs around ten grand to fi fteen grand. Many axle ratios used. We just don’t get it, we never have. Another reason for the Scimitar’s relatively high survival rate is that it was produced – in various forms – near enough continuously from 1968 to 1990. Always thought of them as a poor man's Jensen Interceptor, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. For a long while, the Reliant Scimitar GTE was a maligned oddity to be avoided at all costs, but this distinctive-looking shooting brake has finally come of age and now is the time to buy. In fact, it’s reckoned that half are so equipped and the GTE has historically been put to work more than a Range Rover! Motor’s view started off with the original SE5,”A strong favourite among the Motor staff”, thought the SE6 lost a lot of its fun factor (“Marred by understeer and heavy, low speed gearing”) but reckoned it a better buy than the similar in concept MGB GT V8. Could this be the most practical sporting classic ever built – yet the most underrated – and for how much longer? Huge choice. ■ Body: Glassfibre bodywork means that panel rust isn’t a concern, but damage repair is a specialist job. With its Ford running gear and Triumph front suspension, modifications and improvements are easy yet, most owners prefer to keep them standard apart from fitting a tow bar. Your email address will not be published. One thing the SE6 desperately needs is power steering however as the unassisted set up is heavy and also requires a tedious four turns lock to lock. Used car buying guide: Reliant Scimitar GTE. 0-1 km. And it remains a triumph of British ingenuity, the world’s first series production sporting estate. the Lancia Beta HPE seemed a easier prospect to own. Trusty units, once hot, expect to see 15-20psi at tickover and 50-75psi at 2500rpm. Middlebridge Scimitar Ltd acquired the manufacturing rights and all tooling for the GTE and the convertible GTC version in 1987. 1967 entwickelten Reliant und Tom Karen den Scimitar GTE, einen Shooting Brake mit technischen Anleihen beim bisherigen Scimitar GT. ■ Interior: Plastic trim elements don’t age well and may need replacing, and leaky window seals cause wet carpets. Check for worn-out bushes, which can be easily replaced with modern poly items, and any signs of fatigue on the drop links. During its 22-year production it developed into a range of versions including a convertible launched in 1980. Does anybody know what happened to Robin Rew, he was a big GTE man back in the day? The cheapest – although not by a great deal as condition counts the most – are SE6s although Middlebridge cars can command £20,000. Ensure the fuse box – in the engine bay for SE5s and the passenger footwell for the SE6 – has not melted, test all switchgear in the cabin and see that the heater gets up to temperature. £19.99 + £8.00 . Here’s a car that created a new market segment half a century ago, gained Royal seal of approval and are individual and pretty prestigious. Unperturbed by the atmospherics, one of the earliest arrivals to the event was a gorgeous Reliant Scimitar GTE in British racing green, which we couldn’t help but notice as it parked up within the Paddock. Find your perfect car on ClassicCarsforSale.co.uk, the UK's best marketplace for buyers and traders. The car has had a body off chassis refurbishment. Triumph 2000 vs. Volvo P1800 vs. BMW 5 Series Review, Rolls-Royce Shadow vs. Bentley Mulsanne vs. Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, MGB vs. Porsche 718 Boxster GTS 4.0 PDK 2020 UK review. (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), Ford Capri vs. Reliant Scimitar GTE vs. The bigger, SE6 benefits from a much roomier cockpit (plus PAS option) but the trade off is a less sharper Scimitar although if you haven’t driven the SE5 you will not have known plus the suspension can be easily uprated if desired. RELIANT SCIMITAR GTE CAR LF Sales Brochure 1978 #GTE/E 20L/1077. Scimitar GT SE4 (1964–1970) Nigel Palmer says the GTE was by far better built than an equivalent TVR and isn’t surprised that values have rocketed, particularly for pre-SE6 models, with the exception of the GTC. We saw a 1982 SE6B in need of a lick of paint on sale for £3100. ■ Engine: Burbling Essex V6 is a durable lump but make sure all fuel lines are solid and securely fixed to avoid the risk of fire. These cars needed sorting out – and I did that as a dealer and then I moved on to restoring them for people. In contrast, a similar aged standard SE6b with modded engine is offered at £5500, so there’s something for everybody it appears. Monthly Car asked way back in 1971 “Is this [SE5] Britain’s most underrated car?”. … I'm coming into some money next year, I might just take a punt on one as a 'Sunday' car. 31.1. Subscribe to Classic Motoring Magazine and save over 20%, Available at all good newsagents including WHSmith, Landmark classic that’s still seriously undervalued in every sense. Apart form the usual electric problems associated with plastic-bodied cars, the GTE is no harder to service than a Capri V6 although engine access is harder due to its location and the engines are also more prone to overheating. Hairy. The rear suspension mounting points on the axle, you’ll be able to see better by removing each rear wheel. Explore Reliant Scimitar for sale as well! Early cars featured a Borg Warner Type 35 auto while from the SE6 there was a better Ford-sourced C3 ‘box. BHP . 16.9. £4000-£5999: Low-mileage, original-spec cars with solid underbellies and clean interiors. Used car buying guide: Reliant Scimitar GTE, Driving the legends of the secret Mercedes archive. Scimitar gearboxes (fourspeed with or without overdrive) are tough enough, but prone to oil leaks. 1978 SE6a is a much needed rethink with a stronger scuttle, stiffer front springs, a change to Lockheed brakes with larger rear drums and, strangely, smaller front discs. Walker adds that’s a car he restored as most Scimitars aren’t in such excellent condition meaning the problem is locating the best cars left. Production stopped in 1986, but the Scimitar story didn’t end there, with Nottinghamshire-based Middlebridge Scimitar Ltd acquiring the production rights and building its own version of the model. I'd have one as a weekend classic. Cheshire-based Graham Walker Sports and Prestige – one of the world’s leading Scimitar parts suppliers – obtained the production rights to the GTE when Middlebridge collapsed in 1990, which means you can even effectively buy a brand-new example today. ■ Steering, suspension: Front suspension shares components with the much smaller and lighter Triumph TR6, making it a weak spot. The other likely maladies include stripped timing gear (the done thing is to replace with stronger albeit nosier steel gears) and rocker posts pulling out of the cylinder heads; if the engine sounds especially tappety, suspect this is about to happen. I love the shooting brake styling and the Jensen Interceptor/Ford Capri lovechild appearance. You can unsubscribe at any time using the unsubscribe mechanism on any email you receive from us. 131 @5000rpm. Scimitar gearboxes (fourspeed with or without overdrive) are tough enough, but prone to oil leaks. To learn more about how we use the information you provide to us please see our. Triumph TR4 vs. Jensen Healey vs. Sunbeam Alpine vs. Reliant SS1. Will Sparrow, ex-Reliant dealer and restorer: “The people who have them now look after them. It continued to sell handsomely and … Early cars featured a Borg Warner Type 35 auto while from the SE6 there was a better Ford-sourced C3 ‘box. Engine, overdrive and brake overhaul. The car has had a body off chassis refurbishment. Aftermarket support for the Scimitar is surprisingly comprehensive for what is a relatively niche classic car. Focus your attention underneath – especially on non-galvanised pre-1981 cars – where corrosion is known to eat away at the bumper mounts, wishbone brackets, outriggers and seatbelt anchor points. Numbers dropped steadily throughout the 1990s as the distinctive four-seater fell victim to astronomical insurance premiums and a dubious – some say undeserved – reputation for unreliability, but the downward trend appears to have plateaued and there are now around 900 Scimitar GTEs in the UK, according to howmanyleft.co.uk. The Triumph TR suspension was said to have been compromised by the damper choice by Reliant and the SE6 went through several changes to make it handle more like the SE5. Out of interest, QRG has an SE6 for sale on behalf of a customer; a one owner car which the specialist converted to Scorpio Cosworth 24V power complete with sorted suspension for £16,995. Hand built at the Middlebridge Scimitar plant in Beeston, Nottingham at a rate of 300 cars per year (never attained), the new GTE retained the classic Ogle sports estate design penned by Tom Karen. 0-60 mph. Help is at hand via Graham Walker, QRG and WillSparrow.com, Sporting- Reliant’s.com and reliantownersclub.co.uk. And as the article suggests, not particularly reliable even when new. £199.99 + £10.00 . BHP per ton . 900: That’s how many – or few – Reliant Scimitar GTEs are around now, but you can still join this exclusive club for less than £1000. Prone areas are the corners of the bonnet, the base of the windscreen pillars, the panel below the window on the tailgate.

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