3 of 5 6 months ago Hey again Ashley. This is a perfume that has become difficult to find stateside (outside of discount sites which I don’t always trust), so I snapped it up as I have always wanted to try it and I have an inking it might be discontinued. Best Free Subscription Boxes Customer service 7 months ago What item or scent did you choose? I would be very curious if Megan gets a response about the oil above. Megan Kirkland 2.9 FabFitFun: Learn About This Quarterly Lifestyle Box, LOLI Plum Elixer Oil, 0.81 fl oz – Retail Value $68.00. 7 months ago MSA Team, Author If I see it is low, I simply shift the item to the next month in hopes I will get it. This number is pretty standard. Ashley As Featured In And RecommendedAs Featured InDeals34 Monthly Subscription Boxes You Can Try for $10 or Less!130 comments | July 6, 2020Best OfThe 20 Best Subscription Boxes Under $15 – 2020 Readers’ Choice28 comments | October 1, 2020Deals20 Subscription Boxes You Can Try for 50% Off or More!16 comments | March 21, 2019 It depends on the product at the original retail value. #frame_566437566438566439566435566436{overflow:hidden;font-family: "Open Sans",Arial,sans-serif;color: #4c4c4c;}#frame_566437566438566439566435566436 div.li-holder ul{list-style:none;margin:0;padding:0 !important;height:fit-content;}#frame_566437566438566439566435566436 div.li-holder ul li{list-style:none;float:left;height:100%;margin:0 10px 0 0;padding:0}#frame_566437566438566439566435566436{position:relative}#frame_566437566438566439566435566436 div.li-holder ul li{text-align:center;font-weight:400;line-height:20px;color:#4c4c4c;font-size:14px}#frame_566437566438566439566435566436 div.li-holder ul li:not(.active){opacity:.2;}#frame_566437566438566439566435566436 div.li-holder ul li div:not(.star-rating){padding:5px 0}.gallery-prev.disabled,.gallery-next.disabled{display:none;}.gallery-prev,.gallery-next{top:37%;position:absolute;cursor:pointer;height:60px;z-index:1000;}.gallery-next{right: 5px;}.gallery-prev{left: 5px;}#frame_566437566438566439566435566436 h3{font-family: "Open Sans",Arial,sans-serif;font-size: 18px!important;font-weight: 600;line-height: 25px;}.featured-image{text-align:center;}#frame_566437566438566439566435566436 div.li-holder ul li{width:92vw;max-width:'.($gallery_size-60). Scentbird Reviews, Subscription Box Reviews, Subscription Boxes for Women| And when you pick item’s, you see exactly the number they have in stock when you put them in your queue. Ashley I have had items sell out and go grey from my queue, and i just replace them with something else. Do you find that to be the case? I am so grateful to hear from you all on this sub. For items in queue that got moved, I just experienced it a few days ago, and what happened is, most items I have in my queue right now are marked as unavailable (I added them when they were available) and Scentbird tried to process the item I had for May and couldn’t (out of stock) so they automatically moved that item to June (still showing unavailable) and moved the June queue product I had to May instead and this was successfully processed, although this item was also marked as unavailable. It’s pretty shady to file a chargeback for a process that is clearly explained ‍♀️ 7 months ago Hi Megan, I sure would like your resolution to your replacement, if you even received one. - Michelle | November 28, 11:41pmThe Best Black Friday Beauty Sales Happening Now! (I have not had this sub for two years.) Their skincare selection is really limited right now. The overall rating of the company is 3.3 and consumers are mostly neutral.. Quality of products reply To me, this is not a mystery box. 65 subscriber ratings For May I had three skincare products reserved for me. Remember to post with kindness and respect. What item or scent did you choose? If you subscribe and sign in, it will give you a range of categories: fragrance, makeup, skincare, wellness, etc. And I’m happy to say, my chargeback to my bank account has been granted; to the person below who calls me “shady.” reply I ordered a mystery box and 8 single shadows!" I personally haven’t run out of items I want, even with two a month! It looks like it just asks for your email and to create a password. Shopping for the best and high-quality scents is stress-free by the latest online stores that sell scents and it is generally economical both in sparing money and time. There aren’t as many choices right now (Glamglow and Glow Recipe used to be everywhere) but I am guessing it comes and goes in waves. They didn’t have the fragrance I wanted so I put all skincare in my queue and obviously I was not happy so I canceled. "Thank you for letting us know Pinky Rose is also having a sale. Their skincare selection is really limited right now. Do you find that to be the case? This is a reply to KS below. Thank you, Luna, I hope people won’t subscribe. Us, is a different story. It takes a few moments for the powder scent to give way to the rest, but I love this scent a lot, and I am glad Scentbird offered me a choice of replacement. Birchbox vs Ipsy [2020 UPDATE]: Which Subscription is Best? Posted in reply Hi again, Ashley. Don’t know if that’s a trend or if it’s because they’ve just processed a lot of peoples’ monthly sub requests. Thanks. It’s a great way to do so without having to brave the sprays of salespeople in a mall or be at the mercy of whatever current perfume sample that a cosmetics store is trying to push. 6 months ago It’s pretty shady to file a chargeback for a process that is clearly explained ‍♀️ They were bumped out by them. The citrus inside is great if you are experiencing a spot or two and my skin just feels like heaven wearing this. I’ve learned that with all CS, it all depends on the Rep who take care of your request. I am sorry your experience hasn’t been a good one, but mine has been nearly seamless. Our #1 best selling, glow-inducing plum serum instantly hydrates parched, dry skin, chapped lips and damaged hair. 8 likes Ashley reply So…you pester Megan for weeks about whether Scentbird ever sent her a replacement, and when she confirms and updates the review, you insult her? Copy link I just signed up and was able to get the Loli plum oil, which I’ve been interested in trying for a while.

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