endobj Attendance for tests and Model examinations is compulsory. Students cannot absent themselves from the classes without prior approval of the Class Advisors/HoDs. Leave application in the prescribed format should be submitted with the signature of Class/Faculty advisor and HoD. Dean Office: +044-6672 6611; Accounts: +044-6672 6639; Human Resources: +044-6672 6638; Nursing College: +044-6672 6620 ; Saveetha Medical College Hospital: 044 - 66 72 66 17/18 ��Fc0dL�ZH���Dȣ�E����j��M3a�����30�T2�z���C��j�IX��?����`0 Ê�c'�j���f�������\�>�`0\���y���C�Ⴇo�v����}�`C��Mn 6������Ŋ]�Y`F,����r����O6���x~����2) �Ż���`0�ˋ����>y#.0�����������oϰ���?�����O�15����fP4 ��?�*�>��py�xw��,��x�� ... KNOW ABOUT THE INSTITUTION Saveetha School of Law, SIMATS established in 2009 aims to strive for Quality Legal Education and maintains higher standards of Legal Research and ... course five years course in law from any recognized law school/ college/ university #�J %���� /Type/XObject Students littering (throwing any kind of items such as waste paper, fruit peels, tea cups, plates etc.) Misbehavior inside canteen/mess services is an offence and is punishable. Lab coats and shoes are to be worn during laboratory classes. /Type/Group Fax : 044-26801899     E-Mail:saec@saec.ac.in, Complaint Committee Againts Sexual Harrasment. Boys and girls should stand in separate queues to collect tokens. /GS5 5 0 R Wearing short chains around the neck, plastic bracelets are not permitted. Number of Canadian visa applicants are increasing rapidly, so brilliant students didn’t get opportunity to join Canadian Colleges or Universities because of the lack of seat in particular courses. ... Saveetha Engineering College - [SEC], Chennai. Students should refrain from dancing, singing, shouting, disturbing other students etc. /Height 175 On the other days it has to be submitted with the signature of Class/Faculty advisor and HoD. Saveetha Engineering College - [SEC], Chennai, Tamil Nadu . Ornaments like anklets, glass bangles, etc. Lunch : 12:00am-12:30 pm (First year), 12:50pm-1:25 pm (Higher semester). >> >> /Tabs/S /MediaBox[0 0 612 792] Canteen timings should be strictly adhered. Scooters/motorcycles usage inside campus is not permitted (and parents are cautioned, in the interest of the safety of their wards, not to permit their wards to travel by scooter/motorcycle/any other two wheeler). Those who stay alone in outside hostels will have to obtain approval of their parents/guardians. So, SDS is launched to provide study abroad opportunities to the deserving and eligible students. >> /Width 288 X�i�!.�e�S!�m� Students indulging in ragging, smoking/consumption of alcohol and physical assault within the campus and college bus is prohibited and students indulging in the same will be dismissed. Today, I am with Kissflow, a product based company as a Product Consultant handling the sales operations. Medical College and Hospitals. It is based on our selective room among 2 in 1,4 in 1, single rooms ... Saveetha Engineering College has great facilities that cater to the needs of the students as well as teachers. They should go to library only during the library hours with the accompaniment of the teaching staff or when there are no classes. Centre and Saveetha Foreign Language Training RULES AND REGULATIONS . ENGINEERING COLLEGE 1 0 obj Saveetha Engineering College; it's many things. /Image16 4 0 R Students should be punctual to the classes (expected to be inside the classroom at least five mins before the commencement of the class) they should attend all classes regularly and participate fully in all learning and assessment activities. Saveetha Dental College: Special Care Dentistry and Departments for latest Cleft and craniofacial Institute were opened in introducing technologies to both Saveetha Dental College. stream /Group `l�{GEԇ�Ն�0��� �ٯP"�e�"X�� },%�����5�0�>i�.��[��-.������5�����5ֲh!� s+#���&Ҙ�2������_�ʀ�a�0F]�C&X�6x��� Canteen is meant for limited purpose of dining and should not be used for academic or recreational activities. Students must wear I.D card in the campus. S. A. Girls and Boys Hostel with average fees 14,800 per year. SEC has set up grounds for a complete progressive career. Students are not allowed to go to canteen during class hours. Students must have their breakfast before the commencement of the first hour. Official College of Engineering rules and regulations including admissions, registration, performance and evaluation and appeal >> Top Courses at Saveetha Institute of Medical And Technical Sciences - [SIMATS] Chennai, Tamil Nadu are B.Sc (Medicine), MBBS, Bachelor of Physiotherapy(BPT) >> A limited number of students will be permitted to take part in cultural, sports and other competitions in other colleges on a ‘first come first served’ basis and the criteria of ‘no arrears’ may also be applicable as appropriate. which will cause distraction will not be allowed. Students should ensure a minimum of 75% attendance in each subject as they are otherwise not eligible to appear for the University examinations. Phone: 044-2680 1999, 2680 1499 Students must carry the College bus pass and individual ID card while travelling by college bus. << Rajalakshmi Engineering College, approved by AICTE, New Delhi, established in the year 1997 currently offers 14 UG and 9 PG courses and also offers 9 Research programmes (Ph.D./M.S. First, In the education wise there will be constant pressure of performing. One of them being an interesting environment to learn, meet new people and interact with the faculty due to there being other colle The instructions given by the faculty members travelling by the bus should be strictly adhered and students should not indulge in any kind of unruliness inside the bus. << Only formal shoes; sports or canvas shoes are not allowed. 팧����_�E*)���2Fˋ�y"A�ŵ��f&y����_�%)�Ƅ�C�χ�S���88i�c�Gl5v���&v�T����,�;����8)̾����e\���ٶß�ՇǮ\aս�+�3��5a��E�j�7s����c�&u�r��`~��;V]�-����L%M��j�c��e�nAр0��p�(�x�12�h,}��{ ��C� Saveetha Engineering college has been a turning point and my alma matter for success. within the College campus. Moreover, this new SDS Program will speed up the Visa Processing for full time studies. %PDF-1.5 Thiruverkadu, Chennai – 600 077. /BitsPerComponent 8 We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Walking on the lawns and playground is strictly prohibited. /ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] Entry into and exit from the College and hostel should only be through designated points/gates. Should wear only Chudidhar with Dupatta pinned on both sides. Permission or leave on duty will be given only in the following cases: The institution reserves the right to amend the code of conduct for students as and when the situation warrants.

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