How to Calculate Your Practice Test Scores. Your verbal score, in this case, is 570. What’s the highest possible raw score for each of the two parts? She’s a writer specializing in topics related to health and communication. The median is the 50 th percentile, meaning that half of all test takers got lower scores and half got higher scores. There’s definitely something fun about test-prep apps. You can find 10 FREE Official SAT Practice Tests here. They do that by  converting them into scaled scores ranging anywhere from 200 to 800. Here are five easy steps to help you master the mysteries of SAT scoring. When students ask me to recommend a good online SAT-prep program, the first company that I mention is usually Magoosh. The equating process is also why you’ll notice that when you use our SAT® score calculator, there are sometimes variances in how you might have scored on one practice test versus another. �;;;�篭M\&�ў�����[���E��~o���ݼ�%�^�H�y�)�c� n��tx�k�+�>���z名��Uݹ�Le�e?���A]���V��W�T�շ�"�dJ�vo����2�S��S�*2i�`@�Y��ꏺ����pT�^��ɼ�������ۨ`��=�b���O�.��0+����o�wY_��5���\���`)�7|S�!�4~bA�r��������� �%*u ��B�L;�¯�ZDK�J��IdfAc��. We’ll add 28 and 29, giving us 57. '���p&���vλ��7����R�5R�(��(�R�SV��0�D�/0�$޼)�Z/�wU�;���+~���b���;��n� Then, we multiply that number times 10 (57 x 10 = 570). To compensate for those differences, the College Board adjusts the significance of raw scores from one test to the next. To do this, find your raw Math score down the left-hand column of the conversion table, then read across to determine your scaled Math Section Score. %PDF-1.6 %���� If you took the test twice and earned a raw score of 53 on Math both times, you might end up with a scaled 740 in March and 750 in June, because the June Math section was slightly harder than the March one. In our example, we earned a Math Section Score of 670 and an Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Section Score of 700, so our Composite Score on this SAT would be 1370. You’re proving to admissions committees that you’re. You’ll want to determine your raw score separately for each of those sections. In other words, it ensures a test score of 500 equals a test score 500 on an SAT® from another day. So, if you received a 640 on Math and a 700 on Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, your Composite Score would be 1,340. It’s the sum of your two scaled Section Scores (We’ll look at those in detail below). Looking at the chart, you’ll notice that the scaled scoring for these two … ^2�i9 6��0�$ȴ��3�3�n9��A����3�3Lc�d��`���EK>88�oG���� ��+�1��(�`X8݁�Ǫхqs�������u�e�2U��������fd``���3��< If you get a composite SAT score of 1083 or more, you are above average. If you choose to write one, it will be scored separately on a scale of 2-8 in each of three domains: Reading, Analysis, and Writing. That’s because cross-test scores are reported only on a scale of 10–40. The College Board does not release curve information for the majority of administered exams. Remember that the optional essay doesn’t affect your Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Section Score. For the writing section, you answer 29 questions correctly. �s�]�0I0��`�K``h-�J��R�[�j�����Rg�Ȭ��^��ܬH1O1E Wj�Q�7jS3%�4.�dW�x�m;�V+�i�b2M"9�ƶ$�~(�q^�����Y�+U��r6�+8��t�,�K�?c�Ϊ� @'3���W���0���`��k�JjiP#\\���1�A� 8� h�bbd```b``���� �AD2��H�R�tL���3`�9���l2`րH��`�,�,�� 6�,�"��" R�D�z� R�6�dt�V"]�@�i$X��T���k�``bd�� On each section of the SAT, the number of questions you get right equals your “raw score.” You get one point for each correct answer. Throughout the passage, the narrator refers to Miss Spivey’s 1938 class as “we” and “us” and describes interactions between Miss Spivey and her students as a firsthand observer, indicating that the narrator was a member of this 1938 class. 1 You’ll need the answer sheet that you bubbled in while taking the practice test. It is one of the best ways to get ready for the SAT. You’ll also need the conversion tables and answer key at the end of this guide. The SAT ® Practice Test #10 Make time to take the practice test. We also recommend checking out our guide to self-proctoring your first SAT practice test –it’s important to replicate Test Day conditions as much as possible in order to generate accurate results.

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